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eCommerce Privacy-First
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Understanding the Relationship between Consumer Trust and Intent: Embracing a Privacy-First Approach in eCommerce

In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, building consumer trust and understanding intent is vital for online retailers’ success. However, by …
Digital Librarians
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Digital Librarians: The Quiet Dynamos Behind Content Operations

The recently released film, ‘The Covenant,’ tells the story of John Kinley, a U.S. Army special operations sergeant and Afghanistan …
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Re-boot Your Cause: How MarTech Unlocks New Opportunities for Nonprofits

Technology and digital transformation often feel out of reach for small to mid-size nonprofits, but holistic solutions that are easy …
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Essential Checklist for Secure, Compliant & Quality Marketing Agency Hiring

A great deal of time and money can go into the process of selecting a marketing agency, so it’s incredibly …
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Why SMEs Should Adopt a Newsroom Mentality To Get the Best Out of Their Content Strategies

The pace and rush of entering a newsroom set it apart from almost all other work environments.  In the modern …
Reshaping Customer Experiences
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How AI-Infused CRM is Helping Organizations Transition from a Reactive to a Proactive CX Approach

Organizations are increasingly investing in predictive data analytics to drive continuous improvement in customer experience (CX) strategies. Today, even more …
Social Data
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Unlocking market insights-using social data to guide business expansion

Leverage the power of social data for informed business growth. Explore how market insights from social platforms are shaping successful expansion strategies.
Content Marketing Strategy
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Building a High-Impact Content Marketing Strategy: From Ideation to Distribution

Discover expert insights from Brian Shelton, Founder of Grow Predictably, as he delves into crafting a powerful content marketing strategy. Explore the journey from generating ideas to effectively distributing content for maximum impact.
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The Benefits of Using Shoppable Videos in ECommerce

For many people, online shopping has become a way of life, offering accessibility, comfort, and freedom of choice to buy …
Reception Marketing
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The Next Evolution of Interruption and Permission Marketing: Reception Marketing

We’ve all seen interruption and permission marketing in action. Whether it’s through cold calls, pop-up ads, influencer partnerships, or email …
loyalty cloud platform
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Ensuring A Healthy Pipeline Amid Business Uncertainty

Zoltan Vardy, chairman of enterprise loyalty cloud platform, Antavo, shares his three top tips for selling in stormy seas by …