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Habu Partners with Reveal Mobile


Habu, the global innovator in data clean room software, today announced a new partnership with Reveal Mobile, the location intelligence and geofencing marketing software company, that will enable Habu to introduce its first clean room for privacy-compliant location data.

The partnership advances the use of location intelligence in a clean room environment, giving Habu customers access to data for the most critical elements of strategic marketing and advertising: planning, segmentation, enrichment, activation, measurement, and attribution.

Habu brings several new capabilities to its customer base and the wider digital marketing industry through this new partnership. Marketers can now:

  • Leverage enhanced campaign planning tools derived from store foot traffic to help media buyers plan and buy more effectively across channels.
  • Develop greater insights into consumer behaviors to better plan new store sites and retail expansions.
  • Activate geofencing and geo conquesting media plans on social media and programmatic platforms to help drive customer loyalty, market share growth, and new customer acquisition.
  • Measure return on ad spend (ROAS) based on new visits, repeat visits, and visits to stores by consumers who are switching brands.
  • Understand campaign impact from digital or out of home ad exposure on visits to physical stores, in-app activity, and website transactions.

“Our partnership with Reveal Mobile provides innovative analytics and measurement solutions that will enable brands to thrive in a cookieless future,” said Matt Kilmartin, Co-Founder and CEO of Habu. Reveal Mobile is an innovator in location intelligence software and together, we are excited to offer brands a safe and frictionless way to leverage high-quality, consumer-consented location signals to complement their own first party data to improve targeting, measurement, and drive better business outcomes.”

“Our customers have long valued our location intelligence software in their paid media planning and measurement efforts,” said Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile. “Using this type of data responsibly is non-negotiable. Habu’s clean room solution is at the forefront of location data being properly sourced and properly leveraged.”

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