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Halloween Cupcakes Treats for Social Media Marketing

Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 is almost here, so are we with some creepy but yummy Halloween cupcake treats for social media marketing. Taste it for free & leave your feedback

Halloween is almost here, and even if it is 2020, we can’t afford to miss Halloween fun. Many of us have already started the preparations for Halloween 2020, from choosing Halloween songs to Halloween makeup, everything is being focused like it used to be done every year. But, Halloween Cupcakes are among the favorite and important parts of these preparations. You might be knowing how to make a creepy looking, but charming and tasty Halloween cupcake, but you might be still stuck in sorting-out an effective Halloween Social Media Marketing strategy, because you know it matters.

Yes, having an effective social media marketing strategy on Halloween is as important as the Halloween Cupcakes. As per the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending in 2019 reached $8.8 billion, and, this year, despite the tricky retail landscape because of COVID-19, is expected to reach at least up to $8 billion this year. This means the pandemic is expected to have hardly any or no impact on the sales during this festival season. This study makes it even more important for businesses to concentrate on effective marketing strategies to drive maximum sales, in order to minimize the COVID effect on their businesses. And as we all know the capabilities of social media, especially in these circumstances it has become a perfect platform for marketing. In today’s era of technology, the application of Martech tools like CDP, make social media marketing more efficient and effective.

So, we are here with some Halloween Cupcakes Treats for Social Media Marketing, let’s start having it with a Halloween songs special mashup playing in the background. .

Halloween Treat Step 1: Sieve Through Your Flour

Sieve through the flour of your existing social media posts to separate the posts that didn’t work effectively and failed to gain traction. After separating them, choose some posts that are still relevant and start reworking them to make it better and suitable to present situations, festivals, and Halloween parties.

This will save your time, ideas, and materials required to prepare a post from the beginning. It will also help your old post in getting revamped and add some value to your page, by gaining good traction. Sieving is the initial and the most important step in social media marketing as well as in making some good Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween Treat Step 2: Keep the Sweetness Intact but with a Pinch of Salt

A cupcake with balanced sweetness is the cupcake that is most liked and enjoyed. The same goes with social media posts, the post with the balanced elements is the post with the most traction. Don’t overdo or underdo your posts, at any cost. Let the posts reflect some data for you to analyze rather than just throwing away new posts on your viewers.

Overdoing or undergoing your post makes it look ugly and leaves a not so satisfying image on your audience. Moreover, it completely fails to gain any kind of traction, and hence fails in being positive for the business in any manner. So keep the sweetness of your social media posts intact but with a pinch of salt.

Halloween Treat Step 3: Find Your Cinnamon

Keep your ideas distinct and dynamic in alignment with your audience. Don’t hesitate to make funky and funny posts no matter what your business is, as it is Halloween and people are already in the mood of enjoyment. Your distinct ideas will add up all the extra flavor to your social media posts that none of your competitors are doing, and this will make your business stand-out and attract more audiences.

Posts with different and attractive creatives in alignment with the festival and the audience always stand-out and successfully grabs the attention of the audience. This helps in gaining more traction, hence increasing the clicks or CTA.

Halloween Treat Step 4: Bake Perfectly

Baking perfectly is crucial, as it can make or break all your efforts. Bake your social media posts perfectly, never… I repeat never over-bake your cupcakes on social media posts. Make a perfect blend of colors, texts, information, fun, and designs. Overdoing even one element in a post will make it look shabby and will affect the entire look of a post. So carefully create perfect social media posts. Anything that is made perfect will give the outcome that is perfect.

Halloween Treat Step 5: Prepare Your Frosting

Now, as our cupcake treat is almost ready, it’s time to prepare frostings or icings for our social media marketing posts. Don’t make your frost plain sweet filled with only fun, blend it with facts, memes, gifs, information, etc. This blend will make a perfect frosting for your social media posts. Along with making your audience laugh, it will also convey some good messages, share some knowledge and facts with them which will keep them engaged as well as informed. As the pandemic is still on, you can sarcastically convey some good messages to your audience.

Halloween Treat Step 6: Sprinkle in Those Color Pops!

Sprinkling color pops will make your social media posts look more attractive and tempting. Add color pops such as polls, Q&As, etc. to engage your audience in a better manner. It will also help you in making sure that your brand is noticed as they will have to stop scrolling and take a second to read and answer the pool or Q&A. You can also keep some gift vouchers for some polls, which will encourage them more to participate in the polls or Q&A.

Decorating your social media post is not only necessary to grab the attention of the viewers, but also to understand them in a better manner with direct interaction. It will also help the viewers in remembering your brand and brand name.

Let’s have it Now!

Funny children's treats for halloween Premium Photo

Halloween is almost here, and if you have still not started marketing your businesses, then you should start immediately to leverage the opportunity to the fullest. It is a perfect time to build your brand and show personality via your Halloween-themed marketing campaigns. Be extremely creative, define your goals, decide on your objectives without ditching your branding.

Halloween is a perfect time to connect and also attract followers, so, if you play it right, you can make your next social media campaign terrifyingly popular and attract a lot of attention. We wish you a great Halloween and tons of profit.

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