Hawke Media Announces Launch of Their Influencer Marketing Consultancy

Two of Hawke Media's digital marketing experts are behind the launch of Flocke hq, a digital marketing consultancy dedicated to influencer growth.
Hawke Media

Hawke Media, an award-winning marketing consultancy based in Santa Monica, Calif., has officially launched its influencer-focused branch, Flocke hq. A one-stop shop for influencers, Flocke provides the resources and guidance necessary for influencers to grow their digital empires.

Founded by Rachel Broas and Tyler Grove, both of whom are digital marketing experts and social media influencers themselves, Flocke helps influencers build their personal brands through transformative technology, data-driven strategy and inspiring creative. With the surge of popularity surrounding influencer marketing, Flocke hq was created to help influencers scale and profit.

“So many influencers don’t understand all the back end, data-driven strategy that goes into running a successful digital business, which means they struggle to grow and make money off their hard work,” said Broas, who focuses on Flocke’s Branding and Business Strategy. “We created Flocke to really be a one-stop growth shop for influencers, helping them with all the behind the scenes work so that they can focus on the front end of their business.”

Influencer marketing has proven itself to be an incredibly effective way for brands to market their products to a vast audience of potential consumers. But it is time influencers learn how to market themselves so they can also grow. Flocke hq allows influencers to focus on what they do best, creating content, while Flocke focuses on the less glamorous side of the business such as website design, email marketing, social media and business strategy.

“We’re really excited to be able to create a company that focuses exclusively on marketing for influencers,” said Grove, who leads Flocke’s Business and Growth Strategy. “There are tons of talent management resources out there, but very few that specifically focus on how influencers can market and scale their own brand. We’re excited for Flocke hq to fill that need.”

About Flocke hq
A branch of Hawke Media, Flocke hq is a digital marketing consultancy dedicated to influencer growth through branding and marketing strategy. A one-stop shop, Flocke hq provides the tools and resources necessary to build influencers’ digital empires. Using transformative technology, data-driven strategy and inspiring creating, Flocke hq specializes in assisting the growth of influencers through web design, email, social media and marketing strategy.

About Hawke Media
Established on the idea that every modern business needs a CMO-level expert to lead marketing efforts, Hawke Media specializes in custom, data-driven, performance-focused solutions to help launch, scale and invigorate business of all sizes, industries and revenue models. Founded in 2014 by Erik Huberman, Hawke Media is the nation’s fastest growing marketing consultancy and is headquartered in sunny Santa Monica. Acting as a full-service outsourced CMO, Hawke offers a wide array of digital marketing services on a month-to-month, a la carte basis.

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