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Healthy Opens for Wealthy Email Marketing Campaign

Check out this amazing Infographic from Rochelle Williams on tackling the constant marketing dilemma of fetching healthy opens for your wealthy email marketing campaign
email marketing campaign

One of the most common mistakes that marketers make today is not using open rates as a benchmark to judge their email campaign success. Sure, you might have good engagement and quality, but what about your open rates? One way to start using your email open rates in a better way is by analyzing how they compare to the numbers from other competitive campaigns. This can help you identify tactics that are best for your business and improve your campaign overall.

Email is an essential tool for businesses, ever. So what is going wrong? A lot, actually! It’s no secret that there are many emails sent out every day, and not all of them will get read or responded to by the recipients. So if you want your target market to read your emails, you need to have reasonable open rates.

Span Global Service’s infographic on good open rates gives you the right insights and is an excellent booster to start an email marketing campaign.


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Rochelle Williams
Rochelle Williams is a Senior Marketing Manager at Span Global Services. She comes with a strong
marketing and advertising industry exposure of over 8+ years and has a deep understanding of SEO,
SEM, SMO, branding, and allied marketing strategy.

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