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HelloPrivacy Introduces consumer digital privacy products

Companies across financial services, fintech, consumer tech and more can now embed privacy features directly within their digital products and experiences to help consumers protect their online privacy and remove personal information from the web

Today HelloPrivacy by Array introduced a suite of embeddable consumer digital privacy products that companies of all sizes and industries can offer customers to help them clean up, protect, and improve their online privacy by finding and removing their personal information from the web.

Digital privacy products have never been in more demand as they are today. Approximately 95% of consumers have their home address, date of birth, phone number and other sensitive information exposed publicly online for anyone to find. This puts them at high risk of identity theft, robocalls, spam, doxing, harassment and other issues.

HelloPrivacy makes it simple for companies to now offer powerful privacy products to their customers to help them remove this information from the web and decrease their risks. Currently there are Fortune 500s and companies of all sizes across financial services, fintech, and identity protection that have integrated HelloPrivacy to enhance their products, driving new revenues, and industry differentiation while building consumer loyalty and trust.

HelloPrivacy is available as an API that can be embedded directly into a company’s digital experience or as a private-label where customers can be directed to a custom-branded portal. Its capabilities include data broker monitoring and removal, finding and deleting of old or unused accounts, surface and dark web monitoring, and social media monitoring. HelloPrivacy can be integrated with other Array products such as My Credit Manager and Offers Engine.

“HelloPrivacy is the latest addition to the Array financial innovation platform, which has grown quickly to become the industry’s most compelling way for companies to embed powerful financial and privacy products without needing to build them from scratch,” said Martin Toha, CEO and Co-Founder of Array. “Today, hundreds of companies trust Array to provide seamless, customizable products that enable them to better serve their customers.”

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