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Help Lightning & ServiceNow to Support Complex Service Scenarios

Access to AR-enabled remote assistance software will help customer service agents better serve internal and external customers
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Help Lightning, a provider of remote visual assistance software that enables companies to accelerate transformation of their customer service operations, today, as a member of the ServiceNow Partner Program, announced an integration with ServiceNow Customer Workflows and Employee Workflows. The integrated solution enables remote support, real-time collaboration and problem-solving via a mobile, cloud-based application for customer service agents supporting internal users and external customers.

“The need for remote assistance software has grown exponentially as companies look for ways to improve resolution times and customer satisfaction simultaneously,” said Gary York, CEO of Help Lightning. “As a part of ServiceNow’s Now Platform, we’re helping to streamline the agent and customer workflows, enabling agents to quickly identify the issues at hand, eliminating the need for additional support on-site and improving the customer experience.”

Using Help Lightning’s unique approach to customer support, ServiceNow agents can virtually connect with a customer in one collaborative work environment. In blending two real-time video streams, the agent can virtually reach out and interact with what the customer is working on through hand gestures, tools and drawings. Help Lightning will benefit ServiceNow agents and their customers by:

  • Improving phone fix rate and first-time fix rates
  • Reducing time to resolution
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improving issue identification and diagnosis
  • Decreasing need for onsite support

If an agent is unable to address an issue with a voice-only call, agents can initiate an augmented reality video call with the customer by simply sending a link via text message. Help Lightning collects data, including activities, pictures and manual screenshots during the call, which can be included in the incident record.

Help Lightning is now available in the ServiceNow Store for ServiceNow customers utilizing employee and customer workflows. To learn more about how Help Lightning’s remote visual assistance software innovates support for ServiceNow customers, visit

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