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Helpless Chatbots Face Certain Death as Era of LLM-powered AI Begins

Quiq revolutionizes customer experience with next generation AI

Quiq, the technology company creating the future of conversations between businesses and their customers, today announced the release of Conversational Customer Experience (CCX), the next generation of conversational AI based upon Large Language Models (LLMs). Mindless chatbots throughout the world heaved a sigh of defeat, realizing that their days were numbered. Simultaneously, consumers cheered at the news of smarter communications with their favorite brands in the future.

“We’ve all seen the amazing ability of ChatGPT to read and write language,” said Quiq founder and CEO Mike Myer. ”ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize internet searching, but many business leaders worry it’s not fit to answer their customers’ questions. That’s because customer service issues require 100% accurate answers, not guesses based upon stale data from the internet, which is all ChatGPT knows. It can’t help customer experience leaders improve their current chatbot experience. But there is a solution – Quiq Conversational Customer Experience.”

Today’s consumers are frustrated with traditional chatbots that are all chat and no answers. Customers want to resolve issues quickly, but chatbots aren’t intelligent enough to understand the customer’s intent and respond with a personalized answer. Even the best chatbots offer awkward customer service interactions. Worse, customers must follow the chatbot’s script. Otherwise, the bot will get confused, unlike a human customer service representative (CSR) who could quickly understand and respond if a customer changes course.

Quiq’s CCX delivers ChatGPT-like natural language interactions specifically tailored to a company’s unique needs through Assistants, the smarter next generation of chatbots. Unlike traditional chatbots, Assistants can understand a customer’s question and context and generate personalized natural language responses that specifically answer the question asked.

Quiq Assistants provide sophisticated question-and-answer capabilities because they are built with LLMs, like ChatGPT. The difference is that Quiq’ CCX combines the language prowess of LLMs with a company’s up-to-date internal information, not stale internet data. Since the out-of-date publicly available information the LLM was trained on is stripped away, the risk of producing wrong answers is eliminated.

“Chatbots are a thing of the past,” said Myer. “There is a much better solution for answering customers’ questions now.”

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