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HEROW and Intercom Partner to Integrate Location Intelligence and Deeper User Context

HEROW is the first location service provider to integrate with Intercom, allowing businesses to enrich customer intelligence with location behaviors
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HEROW, a location intelligence and contextual platform for mobile applications, today announces its partnership with Intercom, the business messaging platform that offers the only customizable messaging suite that drives growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle. HEROW’s app is now available in the Intercom App Store, which offers apps and integrations to acquire, engage and retain customers through Intercom’s platform Martech News.

Now businesses using HEROW for location intelligence on their mobile apps and Intercom for customer support can centralize customer information collected on the HEROW platform within the Intercom dashboard. The integration allows support agents working in Intercom to understand how and where a specific customer uses the app, what marketing campaigns a customer was sent or where they are located to know if something like a service outage is happening in their area, so more conversations are in context Martech.

Supporting customers throughout the customer lifecycle requires a thorough understanding of countless interactions. Customers want to be understood through different channels, contact points and contexts, and brands need a rich, customizable data strategy and communication channel that provides a personalized and real-time customer experience.

With Intercom’s Messenger, which helps businesses have personal, real time conversations with customers, and HEROW’s ability to use hyper-precise location technology and machine learning to provide true user context, businesses can have engaging and contextual conversations with customers at scale, breaking the silos that often occur between marketing initiatives and customer support.

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