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Higher Logic Introduces Customer Engagement Platform at Scale

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The industry-leading platform is making community engagement attainable for B2B companies at any stage of the journey.

Higher Logic announced today the release of a set of community products aimed at companies who wish to build, retain, and grow a loyal base of happy, successful customers. At a time when companies must think virtual first, online communities have become a vital solution to keeping customers connected and engaged with their brand. Higher Logic’s new community for customers products help companies improve the customer experience, tailor marketing efforts, build brand advocates, and scale support efforts. Whether a company is just starting with community or already has a sophisticated program in place, Higher Logic provides a tailored and scalable solution built for every company’s unique needs.

Community is the foundation of a successful customer experience, expanding it from a linear, one-to-one conversation to an entire network of touchpoints throughout each customer’s journey. Higher Logic’s new community offerings are built with flexibility and engagement in mind to help companies increase their brand value. Companies can choose where to start and Higher Logic will help them grow.

Here are the new community for customers products:

  • Community Essentials is designed to drive engagement on day one using pre-built models, automation, and the features needed to get the community started in under two weeks.
  • Community Plus offers the same built-in best practices as Essentials, with additional engagement features like advocacy and sub-communities, giving customer communities room to grow.
  • Community Enterprise is backed by the full power of the Engagement Platform with the tools to design a unique, branded community experience, create microsites, support virtual and in-person events, and more with a configurable experience.

“When people can share ideas, best practices, and solve problems together, companies see a huge return: results like reduced friction, added value, and more loyalty. We like to call this return on engagement,” says Higher Logic Chief Product Officer, James Willey. “As a software company ourselves, we have seen how engagement is key for our customers. This gave us a unique opportunity to offer more flexibility in our platform to align to any company’s customer engagement goals. Launching these solutions is a big step toward achieving our mission of bringing our customers closer to their customers.”

With insight and expertise from over 13 years of experience in the community space and 350,000 communities on the platform, Higher Logic has learned, from thousands of customers, what it takes to build engaging communities and is using those best practices to develop solutions tailored to each customer’s use case.

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