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Highspot launches Meeting Intelligence

Company delivers integrations with Gong, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to improve sales skills coaching at scale

Highspot, the sales enablement platform that increases sales productivity, today announced its new Meeting Intelligence capability, which gives sales enablement teams the ability to define, execute and measure their strategic sales initiatives through sales managers.

Highspot Meeting Intelligence supports meetings recorded in both Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In addition, Highspot is uniquely built to work with a customer’s existing meeting intelligence tools including Gong, with integrations for Clari, Salesloft and Outreach coming soon. Enablement teams can now use Highspot to harness actionable insight from customer conversations and empower sales managers to drive consistent performance by efficiently coaching the right sales skills.

“We know great coaching is vital to sales success, but sales managers often don’t have the time or know where to focus,” said Oliver Sharp, VP of Product, Highspot. “We’re solving these challenges with Meeting Intelligence, arming enablement with the tools to not only guide coaching conversations, but also to hold managers and reps accountable for landing the strategic initiatives that drive better revenue outcomes.”

“We’ve already seen the tremendous potential of conversation intelligence in the world of sales,” said Ellie Fields, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Salesloft. “Highspot’s enablement-led approach lets sales teams understand and improve their most important initiatives. Using Salesloft and Highspot together, go-to-market teams can find skill and behavior gaps, coach to close those gaps, and measure the impact on revenue outcomes.”

“In today’s hyper-competitive environment, your selling teams need every advantage to win each revenue moment,” said R.J. Filipski, Global VP Ecosystem, Clari. “Our customers view conversation intelligence as critical connective tissue between sales enablement and revenue outcomes. In partnership with Highspot, together we’re leveraging generative AI to uplevel your sellers by creating intelligent coaching moments.”

Meeting Intelligence deepens Highspot platform’s ability to drive sales productivity
Meeting Intelligence helps sales reps, managers, and enablement teams to drive consistent performance with meeting transcriptions, rubrics, summaries and more to help sales managers develop seller skills and expertise. Meeting Intelligence uses Highspot’s Engagement Genomics to automatically relate content that is presented during a meeting to the associated customer relationship management (CRM) system record to deliver comprehensive influenced revenue analysis.

Highspot Spark 23
Attendees at Highspot Spark 23, October 17-18, will have the chance to see Highspot Meeting Intelligence first hand. The event will feature a range of Highspot partners, their latest innovations and integrations with the Highspot platform, including:

  • Salesloft Rhythm, through which Salesloft analyzes engagement signals from Highspot to prioritize actions for sellers – an integration that will be bolstered with Highspot Meeting Intelligence.
  • Clari’s Smart Battlecards powered by RevAI that transform long-form enablement content within Highspot into easily consumable bullet point cue cards to instantly improve sellers execution.

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