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Hightouch Adds Veteran Data and Finance Leader to Executive Roster

Cherry Miao joins Hightouch as VP Finance and Data, bringing extensive experience building strategic finance organizations that leverage the modern data stack

Hightouch, the Data Activation company, today announced the addition of veteran finance and data leader Cherry Miao to its executive leadership team. As VP of Finance and Data, Cherry leads finance, data, and revenue operations for the company. This addition comes on the heels of a year of massive growth for Hightouch, who achieved over 5x revenue growth and saw headcount triple.

As Fortune 500 and cloud native companies continue to invest in cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, BigQuery, and Redshift, they turn to Hightouch to realize the full potential of their data across the business. Leveraging Hightouch, hundreds of modern organizations are moving beyond analytics and empowering downstream business teams with ready access to customer, product, and organizational data so they can deliver exceptional customer experiences. As an operating company, Hightouch embraces the same ethos. Cherry’s team is integral to aligning the company’s data strategy with business goals and demands, ensuring that actionable data is easily accessible to stakeholders across marketing, sales, customer success, and engineering.

“With Cherry at the helm, our finance team is well-positioned to guide the business towards efficient growth in the current market and to plan for IPO-ready metrics in the coming years,” said Kashish Gupta, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Hightouch. “Cherry is a once-in-a-lifetime leadership hire because she has experience running three distinct teams—Finance, Data, and Operations—and she has the tenacity to supercharge our business with that lens. She was an early adopter of the modern data stack and mirrors the profile of our target users, giving her unique empathy for our customer base and product.”

Cherry joins Hightouch most recently from Headway, where she led the finance and data teams and was an early Hightouch customer. Earlier in her career, Cherry became frustrated by the rigidity of traditional finance tools, so she embraced the modern data stack, enabling her to deliver meaningful insights to her team and unlock her career progression to VP of Data. She brings a highly strategic approach to the role, gained through her extensive operational and investment experience with both B2B and B2C companies.

“Throughout my career, I’ve observed the efficiencies the modern data stack can unlock for a business. Increasingly, I had business units asking my teams to help them transfer the data they were looking at in a dashboard into their own SaaS tools. Until Hightouch came along, this was a problem we could not solve without outsized engineering resources and cumbersome maintenance,” said Cherry Miao, VP of Finance and Data at Hightouch. “Hightouch has made it so simple for data teams to become superheroes across the organization by unlocking vital data and empowering any business team, anywhere, just with SQL.”

Cherry’s appointment continues Hightouch’s focus on building out its leadership team, following the recent hiring of Brian Kotlyar as VP of Marketing and Growth, Corey Stein as VP of Engineering, and Prakash Durgani as VP of Sales.

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