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Hightouch Unveils Personalization API

Unlock the full potential of the cloud data warehouse with a highly performant API to deliver personalized experiences across the customer journey

Hightouch, the leading Data Activation platform, today announced the release of the Personalization API, a low-latency API designed to personalize any customer experience. The Personalization API allows any system—including internal tools and external SaaS applications—to fetch cloud warehouse data with sub-30 millisecond response time. The feature supports any data schema (e.g., users, companies, products) and integrates natively with all popular data warehouses and transactional SQL and NoSQL databases. Now, every business user has real-time access to customer data, wherever and whenever they need it.

Modern consumers want, if not expect, personalized experiences with every brand interaction. A recent Forrester study found that 68% of shoppers are unlikely to return to a website or store that doesn’t provide a satisfactory customer experience. However, as many as 63% of digital marketers still struggle to harness the potential of personalization technology, according to a recent Gartner study. Hightouch’s Personalization API addresses this pain point and makes it easy for any business team to use the modeled data that already exists in the warehouse and translate it into compelling customer experiences in real-time.

“Traditional CDPs fail to deliver personalization at most organizations because their treatment of data doesn’t allow for experimentation and agility, especially for complex businesses,” explains Austin Hay, Head of Marketing Technology at Ramp. “Hightouch’s Personalization API drastically simplifies personalization by leveraging the data warehouse– giving teams the ability to experiment quickly with more complex architectures.”

With Personalization API, businesses can address an array of new use cases, making it easier than ever to deliver tailored customer experiences, including:

  • Powering personalized marketing campaigns by enriching marketing touchpoints via customer engagement platforms with dynamic data points like product recommendations
  • Delivering in-app or web personalization like customized search results, article recommendations, or nearest store locations to drive conversions
  • Optimizing product experimentation by delivering up-to-date customer information, like audience inclusion or exclusion, to decisioning and experimentation systems

“There’s a massive shift towards the cloud data warehouse as the single source of truth across an organization,” said Tejas Manohar, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Hightouch. “All teams need the infrastructure and tools to use this data, and we’re excited to expand our platform offering with this new feature to support even more of their use cases.”

Personalization API is generally available today to Hightouch Business Tier customers. To learn more, read the blog post or schedule a demo with the Hightouch team.

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