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Hightower Selects TIFIN Clout for Personalized Digital Marketing

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The AI-powered platform has two-way integration with Salesforce, email applications and social media platforms that will allow Hightower advisors to improve collaboration and measurement and deliver meaningful growth outcomes

Hightower, one of the nation’s largest registered investment advisors (RIAs), today announced that it has partnered with TIFIN Clout, part of TIFIN Wealth, to serve as its personalized digital marketing platform, which will allow Hightower advisors to drive more leads and referrals, accelerate conversions and build trust with both clients and prospects through effective, measurable marketing campaigns.

The TIFIN Clout platform will support Hightower advisors in moving clients and prospects through all the steps of the client journey. As a next-evolution marketing platform, TIFIN Clout uses artificial intelligence (AI) and human understanding to track clients and prospects through the buyer’s journey and deliver meaningful growth outcomes. The platform has two-way integration with Salesforce, email and social media platforms that will allow Hightower to improve both collaboration and measurement.

Last year, Hightower launched a bespoke content marketing program that is helping its advisors grow and connect with prospects and clients by delivering timely and relevant thought leadership. With content created by Hightower’s experienced financial writers and marketers, the customized program provides advisors with access to a wealth of collateral—blogs, podcasts, newsletters, white papers, infographics, events, social media posts and investor-facing webinars with accompanying support—that can be formatted to match their brand. Approximately 75% of advisors are using Hightower’s content program to positive results.

“By partnering with TIFIN Clout, we’re evolving our content marketing program to provide our advisors with access not only to sophisticated content and collateral but also to advanced tools to track and measure their progress,” said Meghan McCartan, Hightower Managing Director, Head of Marketing. “TIFIN Wealth is an industry leader in fintech growth solutions, and we’re excited to pair this technology with our thought leadership to deliver even better results for advisors.”

Hightower advisors who implemented a targeted content strategy grew 3.2 times as fast as their peers in 2021. Advisors who implemented live/virtual events for prospects grew two times as fast as their peers, while advisors implementing podcast/TV/radio and social media strategies, grew at 1.8 times and 1.7 times respectively.

“We are delighted to partner with Hightower and their advisor network to build new and deepen existing relationships with their prospects and clients. In a world where every investor is different and expectations for personalized customer engagement are being set by other industries, firms need to stand out amidst all the noise to drive growth while also enhancing advisor productivity.” said Niharika Shah, General Manager of TIFIN Clout.

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