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HiStone Launches Its New Highly Productive All-in-One POS – HERO II


HiStone is ready to impress the retail and hospitality market players with two new POS models – HK578 and HK578U, branded as HERO II. Retail and hospitality businesses now have a vibrant opportunity to get an edge for their brick-and-mortar stores, retail chains, restaurants, and hotels.

All-in-one POS systems are of high demand for offline stores as they ensure exceptional user experiences. New HERO II models are revolutionary  point-of-sale solutions that combine high performance and low power consumption.

HERO II HK578 and HK578U benefits

HERO II entirely matches the latest tech and business demands. HK578 and HK578U provide hospitality and retail businesses with the ultimate customer experience, expenses cuts, and technical excellence.

High productivity and lower power consumption

Intel Celeron J6412 processor makes HK578 a cost-efficient choice. The POS contains 4GB DDR4 memory and 128GB SSD storage (default characteristics), with optional upgrades up to 16GB and 512GB respectively.

Featuring the same tech specs, the HK578U model enjoys 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5 processors that ensure higher performance and responsiveness.

Eye comfort

HERO II models are equipped with a 15″ LED screen that is compatible with all 4:3 software solutions.

Two second screen options are available: a compact 10.4″ screen with 800*600 or fully-functional 15-inch widescreen with 1024*768 resolution. There are either touch or non-touch second screens. HK578 and HK578U can be equipped with highly endurable vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs).

Stylish Design

Made of die-cast aluminum, with compact footprint and sleek design, HERO II models look stylish and correspond with the latest technology and customer-centricity trends.

The models provide ultimate comfort with multiple height adjustments and VESA mount capability.

Optional peripherals

HERO II can go with card readers (MSR only or MSR + RFID), fingerprint readers, and desktop stands/wall mounts. The models are compatible with Linux, Windows 10, and Windows 11  operating systems to enhance your business flexibility.

The operating environment varies from 0℃ to 40℃, making these new POS solutions perfectly match the working conditions of any business premises, be it an offline store, restaurant, or a hotel.

“HERO II is the next step on the way towards our global mission – to provide retail and hospitality businesses alongside their customers with the ultimate experience,” said Mohamed Berihi, Business Development Director, HiStone.

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