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Hour One Announces the Launch of Reals, Video Creation Platform

First-of-its-kind video creation platform enables businesses of all sizes to create AI-powered, custom presenter-led videos to drive customer engagement
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Hour One, a video creation platform powered by AI and photoreal presenters, today announced the launch of Realsa first-of-its-kind self-serve digital presenter creation platform designed to help businesses develop and create more engaging content through video storytelling.

Recent years have seen content-driven customer engagement become a central growth driver for businesses of all sizes. As a part of this, video in particular has proven to be a powerful tool, utilized at every stage of the customer journey – from customer outreach and ongoing engagement, to onboarding. This has set the stage for dynamic-video, adapting and optimizing itself in-context and enabling businesses to fully capitalize on the use of videos, making them even more personal and tailored to their continuously evolving needs and goals. Enter Reals.

Through its cloud-based real-time video generation platform, Reals makes it possible to create 10s or 1,000,000s of authentic and personalized presenter-led videos directly from text. Reals’ presenters are digitized, meaning they can be re-created based on any text input that a user chooses. Each character on Reals can also be configured with its own look, voice, and language, before presenting in front of a custom branded background or video.

Reals is a new way for businesses to engage their customers through video driven narratives and storytelling. To date, this has been the most desired form of customer engagement, but also the most difficult to attain, due to its typically manual and costly nature.

“We at Hour One are excited to deliver this capability to our customers, so they can create best-in-class videos at affordable prices,” said Oren Aharon, CEO, Hour One. “The fundamental ability to create any human-looking character speaking from code, driven by text, will completely transform the way businesses engage their customers. We invite CEOs of startups, SMBs and enterprise companies to create their own Real presenter and communicate directly and personally with their customers.”

Hour One’s work over the past two years has enabled the company to move its infrastructure and rendering engine to the cloud, which has dramatically improved speed and cost of delivery. As Hour One accelerates the pace of onboarding new customers, it continues to provide high-quality production-grade video at a fraction of the cost of traditional video creation processes. This has been the driving force behind the creation of Reals.

Moreover, the need for large scale video production that has emerged from work with companies like Berlitz, the world’s premier provider of language and culture training, has led Reals to include scalable processes where business can receive production-ready videos within minutes of requesting them. Most recently, NBCUniversal announced that DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby is available for bookings on Cameo, a popular app that connects fans directly with their favorite pop-culture personalities, thanks to machine learning technology powered by Hour One.

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