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HubSpot Invests on OneSignal for Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

HubSpot invests and collaborates with OneSignal to support robust developer community
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OneSignal Inc, the leading solution for customer engagement messaging, announced today that it has received a strategic investment from HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) software platform for scaling companies. Together, OneSignal and HubSpot will work to bring advanced omni-channel marketing automation to growing organizations globally. HubSpot’s investment offers an opportunity to tap OneSignal’s robust developer community of over 1.2 million developers and marketers across the globe.

“HubSpot shares OneSignal’s commitment to building products for a community of customer-oriented developers. The OneSignal team has developed an impressive customer messaging product that is beloved by this community and we’re proud to support them with this investment,” said Andrew Lindsay, SVP of Corporate Development and Business Development at HubSpot.

The collaboration between OneSignal and HubSpot represents a partnership of two of the most widely used customer engagement platforms for small to medium-sized businesses. The result of the strategic investment in OneSignal includes a powerful new integration built within HubSpot’s key messaging infrastructure, which will give HubSpot’s growing customer base of over 100,000 users access to mobile and web push notifications, which have become critical channels of expansion.

“The future of customer engagement relies on businesses being able to send personalized messages to their customers across many channels. Our partnership and integration with HubSpot is a key step in making it easier for developers and marketers to power modern and effective omni-channel messaging experiences. We’re excited to be working closely with HubSpot to bring our market-leading products together to help businesses of all sizes better acquire and engage their users,” said George Deglin, CEO of OneSignal.

Joint customers of HubSpot and OneSignal can build and send messages across multiple digital channels using minimal lines of code, making it easy to automate messaging campaigns right from the HubSpot dashboard and build a seamless omnichannel user journey. As part of this innovative integration, OneSignal-powered mobile and web push notifications can be triggered directly from HubSpot’s Automation Workflow portal. Businesses looking for more advanced functionality like analytics, messaging templates, A/B testing, and more can access even more features in OneSignal.

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