Hypothesis Proven: Sustainability is Customer Experience


Manifest, the top sustainable ecommerce fulfillment provider in the US, announced the publication of an 11 page market analysis including carbon footprint measurement from core clients Definite Articles, PiperWai, SUAVS, Thousand Fell, and TopFoxx. This highlights the increasing consumer requirement for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to demonstrate a clear pathway towards achieving personal sustainability goals. The market analysis indicates that this now impacts the entire supply chain, and predominantly the click-to-deliver segment that Manifest is responsible for.

Customers are begging for brands to become more responsible with their sustainability practices.

Brands are begging for easy and impactful ways to meet their customers’ new personal sustainability requirements.

Manifest, founded by one of the Cofounders of ShipBob along with many early employees from ShipBob, provides sustainable packaging and clear data to show DTC brands and their customers exactly how they offset their carbon in the process. Manifest focuses on DTC brands that procure between 1,000 and 100,000 domestic-US orders per month. Brands that have adopted Manifest early span from newly launched VC-funded brands to newer DTC brands launched by repeat-Founders. The door is also wide open to the more matriculated high-growth DTC brand.

The Manifest executive leadership team includes:

George Wojciechowski, CEO & Cofounder
George Wojciechowski is a Cofounder and CEO at Manifest. Prior to launching Manifest, George cofounded ShipBob, a predominant name in the global ecommerce fulfillment space. George has held several roles in various investment communities including Goldman Sachs, among others.

Bob Sixsmith, VP Operations & Cofounder
Bob Sixsmith is a Cofounder and VP of Operations at Manifest. Prior to launching Manifest, Bob was an Operations Leader at ShipBob, first as the General Manager of their Los Angeles fulfillment center and in additional Senior Management roles spanning Project Management and Operations Management. Prior to ShipBob, Bob was at Groupon. He has a BA from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Max Stevens, VP Fulfillment & Cofounder
Max Stevens is a Cofounder and VP of Fulfillment at Manifest. Prior to launching Manifest, Max spent 6 years at ShipBob serving in both Director of Operations and Director of Fulfillment roles. Max has a BA from The University of Kansas and an MBA from the University of Illinois.

Peter Hillowe, VP Marketing
Peter Hillowe is the VP of Marketing at Manifest. Prior to joining Manifest, Peter served X Delivery as their Head of Marketing. Peter has been an Operating Advisor for PAKA Apparel. Pete has also served ONELIVE as their Director of Marketing, and 237 Global as their VP of Operations. Peter has a BA from the College at Oneonta and an MBA from Syracuse University.

Over twenty reports from predominant research firms indicate that customers are more inclined to shop from brands that clearly connect the dots between sustainability metrics. These metrics should be focused on product packaging and shipping; with a clear line to resolving their personal sustainability goals. “We’ve done this before, we’re doing it again, and now we’ve made it more sustainable” said CEO & Cofounder at Manifest, George Wojciechowski. “Every part of our community is built on the belief that sustainable commerce needs to be more accessible to brands and ultimately their customers.”

“Partnering with Manifest for PiperWai’s fulfillment has been an eye-opening experience. Their team not only delivers an above-average merchant experience that matches our high-standard for logistics performance; they also provide easy-to-digest carbon footprint data that is important to both us and our customers” said Sarah Ribner, Cofounder of PiperWai.

“The future of fulfillment is here” said VP of Marketing at Manifest, Peter Hillowe. “The needs of our merchants and their customers force us to live in the present. What’s always worked no longer works for the new breed of sustainability-driven Founder/CXOs. Manifest is focused on building a story that speaks directly to them in the ways they prefer to be spoken to by way of content consumption. It’s a welcome challenge that a new cohort of talent is being drawn to – myself included. Big fundraising checks and relatively high revenue is magnetizing the younger-skewing generation away from blue-chip and SaaS technology. It’s been uplifting to see the new breed of go-to-market professionals completely reinvent the buying experience”.

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