iClick Unleashes cross border e-commerce for CN logistics

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iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (“iClick”) (NASDAQ: ICLK), a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform in China that empowers worldwide brands with full-stack consumer lifecycle solutions, announced today that it has worked together with CN Logistics International Holdings Limited (“CN Logistics”) (SEHK: 2130), a well-established international logistics solutions provider, to launch “Vins Mall”, a cross-border e-commerce marketplace on mini program.

“Vins Mall” is a WeChat applet that promotes and sells quality wine products from all over the world to a variety of consumers directly in Hong Kong and China, including hotels, restaurants, local and overseas merchants, as well as retail wine lovers.

In this partnership, iClick’s innovation centre, the “iClick Lab,” teams up with CN logistics to expand capacity into the e-commerce space in China by leveraging CN Logistics’ traditional strength in logistics services and strong networking with international brands. With its off-the-shelf SaaS product, iSmartGo, together with Marketing Solutions, iClick’s offerings address CN Logistics’ challenges in acquiring new traffic, boosting revenues over mini program and optimizing consumers lifecycle value with services ranging from tailored mini program establishment, international payment, to targeted marketing initiatives. CN Logistics, meanwhile, has been dedicated to bringing premium wines from worldwide to Hong Kong and the PRC. Supported by HKQAA-certified capability and over 10 years of experiences in the wine and spirits market, it intends to make full use of its well-established network and client base, and to connect wine merchants and wineries with its large variety of customers (hotels, restaurants, and retail customers) through “Vins Mall”, by delivering a stable supply of high-quality wine products through its comprehensive warehousing and delivery services.

Mr. Jian “T.J.” Tang, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of iClick, “The collaboration with CN Logistics allows us to further expand our customer portfolio within the food and beverage industry. Riding on both parties’ extensive experiences in serving top-tier customers, we intend to capture the robust demand for one-stop cross-border e-commerce solutions. Wine products is only our first step in this venture, and we would like to quickly replicate such success, and go hand-in-hand with CN Logistics in other sectors such as high-end cosmetics. I am confident that, by leveraging the strengths and customer resources of the two parties, we can create cross-selling synergies and deliver a win-win situation in the long run. Going forward, we will also explore other collaboration opportunities in order to fuel the growth of our Enterprise Solutions.”

Mr. Ngan Tim Wing, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of CN Logistics, commented, “Despite being an industry leader in wine logistics in Hong Kong, CN Logistics continues to stay close to the latest trends, and is constantly seeking innovation and breakthroughs. We believe ‘Vins Mall’ will not only add fuel to our growth, but it will also mark as a major achievement in the field of wine e-commerce, as we attempt to collaborate with other e-commerce platforms to realize client and network synergies. After such initial experiment, we intend to launch our own platforms for other kinds of products, so as to generate additional synergies and bring fruitful returns to our shareholders.”

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