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IDC Launches Theory & Practice Podcasts

Analysts discuss hot topics and share fact-based research across energy, financial, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail industries
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International Data Corporation (IDC), the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services, has launched the Theory & Practice Podcast series, designed to help businesses around the world build and sustain the unwavering resiliency needed to withstand continued market disruption. Featuring analysts across vertical industries including energy, financial, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, the interview-style podcast series will offer keen insights on hot topics and insightful, fact-based research and strategies to support organizations in the quest for resiliency in a post-pandemic world. To listen, visit

To kick off the podcasts, IDC recently published several episodes across all vertical markets, available on demand. To learn more, please email

Energy Podcast Series

Featuring IDC’s Energy industry experts Leif Eriksen, Kevin Prouty, and John Villali, recent episodes include:

  • Digitizing Oil Field Service
  • Rebuilding the Grid for Renewables
  • The Future of Distributed Energy

Financial Podcast Series

IDC Financial analysts Aaron Press, Jerry Silva, and Marc DeCastro explore:

  • Financial Intelligence in the Digital Bank
  • Intelligent Customer Experience
  • Intelligent GRC

Government Podcast Series

Led by IDC Government analysts Adelaide O’Brien, Alison Brooks, Matthew Leger, and Ruthbea Yesner, recent episodes include:

  • Responding to Disruption in Higher Education in the U.S.
  • Digital Resiliency in the Federal Government
  • Smart City Digital Resiliency: Fostering Trust and Security in a Time of Change

Health Podcast Series

Featuring IDC Health experts Lynne Dunbrack, Michael Townsend, Mutaz Shegewi, and Nimita Limaye, new episodes include:

  • Driving Innovation in Health
  • Disruption as a Catalyst for Change
  • Driving Innovation in Life Sciences

Manufacturing Podcast Series

IDC’s Manufacturing industry experts Aly Pinder, Bob Parker, Jeff Hojlo, Jonathan Lang, Jordan Speer, Kevin Prouty, Reid Paquin, and Simon Ellis, discuss:

  • The Resilient Supply Chain, Again
  • Service as a Service for Manufacturers
  • Building the Digital Twin

Retail Podcast Series

Featuring IDC Retail analysts Dorothy Creamer, Leslie Hand, and Margot Juros, new episodes include:

  • Optimizing Cloud & Networking Investments to Unlock Business Potential
  • An Intelligent Future, Today
  • Operational Transparency and Automation

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