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Idomoo’s Interactive Video Tech being adopted by Financial services

Leveraging Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform, financial brands are incorporating advanced video interactivity into their customer communications for impressive results
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Innovative new video technology that allows for advanced interactivity is being adopted with great success by today’s leading financial brands, such as American Express, Mr. Cooper, Voya Financial, U.S. Bank, PenFed Credit Union and Guild Mortgage, among many others. Last year, 35% of Idomoo Personalized Video campaigns used interactivity. Of these, 83% were for financial brands across a variety of verticals.

With complex products, regulatory pressures and details that can be difficult for consumers to understand, financial companies rely on video to simplify information and increase transparency. Adding interactivity makes video an even more effective communication tool with compelling results, including:

  • Improving call deflection by 73%
  • Boosting credit card applications by 11x
  • 126% CTR uplift compared to generic video
  • 90% video completion rate

Idomoo’s advanced video interactivity provides an immersive, engaging user experience financial brands have been quick to recognize. Customers can even input their own data, right in the Idomoo Player, to instantly generate a customized video. This enriches brands’ first-party data — more important than ever given the increasing privacy regulations impacting access to third-party data — and makes the voice of the customer (VoC) actionable in real time.

In one example from the mortgage industry, loan servicers were struggling to explain forbearance options to customers and keep call centers staffed. Interactive video emerged as an efficient and immediate solution, letting them engage customers in a two-way conversation that improved their understanding of each customer’s needs and provided personalized answers to those needs, all in the same video experience. These videos improved call deflection by 73% and were in market within days.

Adding interactivity and personalization to videos is simple with Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform. With cutting-edge Living Video® technology, brands can create revolutionary new interactive digital experiences to easily upgrade their customer experience.

“A seamless CX is especially important in financial services where the landscape is almost entirely digital, but consumers still want that personal touch,” said Idomoo CRO Yaron Dishon. “Brands are quickly finding that interactive Personalized Video bridges the gap, creating a memorable digital experience that supports their bottom line and helps customers understand how to save, spend and invest their money.”

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