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IgniteTech Services includes new Cloud Cost Optimization Service

The new brand for IgniteTech Services includes new Cloud Cost Optimization Service that offers unmatched cost savings opportunities
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IgniteTech™, the company “Where Software Goes to Live™,” today announced the rebrand of its services division as hand.com, dedicated to giving customers a hand at maximizing the value of their IgniteTech relationship.

As part of that mission, hand.com is also the home of IgniteTech’s new Cloud Cost Optimization offering, which analyzes customers’ cloud service accounts to identify cost-cutting opportunities for immediate savings on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“IgniteTech has hands-down the best services arm in the software industry,” said Eric Vaughan, CEO at IgniteTech. “And there’s no better way to prove that than to save our customers money on their cloud budget — without them lifting a finger.”

The hand.com Cloud Cost Optimization offering harnesses the power of a mature software toolset developed by sister ESW Capital operating companies Virtasant and DevGraph, as well as IgniteTech services. Exemplifying the strength of these tools, one tech giant was able to instantly save over $400 million in AWS costs. It is estimated that nearly one-third of all cloud spending is wasted expense, and doesn’t achieve business objectives. Industry wide, that adds up to more than $15 billion in wasted AWS spend in 2020 alone.*

IgniteTech customers are now eligible to leverage the hand.com Cloud Optimization offering completely free, up to an amount of savings equaling 10x their current annual IgniteTech subscription cost. That means customers taking full advantage of this entitlement can save 10x more money than they spend in a year with IgniteTech.

This offering is included as part of the IgniteTech Unlimited program, the groundbreaking, Netflix-style license model that arms all customers with a subscription to the entire IgniteTech enterprise solution portfolio. Managing through the pandemic challenges of 2020, IgniteTech customers deployed over 100 software solutions at no cost through the Unlimited program, driving down costs across their organizations.

For more information, or to get started, visit: hand.com

*Figures drawn from RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report via Flexera and AWS earnings reports via Statista

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