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imBee Reinvents Data-driven Productivity With AiskBee

Enhances customer experience with faster and more accurate replies while empowering all staff across different industries to carry out advanced analytics
imBee Reinvents

As a prominent chat management company, imBee has been instrumental in transforming communication and engagement strategies for diverse businesses. With the launch of AiskBee, enterprises can now streamline their customer engagement processes across multiple channels, tap into new revenue opportunities by cross-selling and upselling, respond to customers in their preferred language, and equip their staff with improved analytical skills for increased productivity.

“We are excited to introduce AiskBee as the first ChatGPT-powered Enterprise Knowledge Base in Hong Kong,” said Ken Chu, CEO of imBee. “AiskBee enables enterprises to streamline their customer service and sales operations, enhance their customer experience, and stay one step ahead of the competition.”

imBee has developed AiskBee with the aim of building and expanding an enterprise’s Knowledge Base based on contextual information provided. This innovative solution offers a range of advantages for various industries, such as:

  • Improve responsiveness, optimise workload management: By integrating with ChatGPT, AiskBee allows businesses to efficiently and accurately manage high-volume and multiple-product inquiries across multiple channels. Users and existing chatbots can use the reply suggestions to provide instant and accurate responses 24/7. For example, an e-tailer can reduce customer service workload and improve response time by using AiskBee to automatically address customer enquiries about the latest product information and availability.
  • Maximise cross-selling/upselling opportunities: By integrating ChatGPT’s advanced analytical capability, AiskBee can provide product and service suggestions for customer service representatives based on their customer conversations. This improves the success rate of cross-selling and upselling, enhancing profitability while staying compliant with changing business regulations. For instance, a securities firm can leverage AiskBee to process inquiries and offer the latest financial products and services information proactively based on a customer’s account profile. This functionality can significantly improve sales efficiency without increasing risks.
  • Answer enquiries in customer-preferred language: AiskBee enhances ChatGPT’s language capabilities by allowing in both understanding and replying in Cantonese, Traditional or Simplified Chinese. As a result, customer service teams can easily communicate with customers in their preferred languages, leading to increased engagement and decreased miscommunication.
  • Your personal enterprise AI assistant: Through Content Sharing function, AiskBee can read, comprehend, and learn from various content types, including websites, PDFs, Word documents, and even zipped files, such as product leaflets, user manuals, and FAQs. AiskBee is capable of delivering more precise responses based on a company’s existing brand values and guidelines. As a result, AiskBee can serve as a knowledgeable personal assistant for all enterprise users, supporting them as they engage with customers.

AiskBee represents a new standard in customer engagement and service, serving as the first-ever ChatGPT-powered Enterprise Knowledge Base solution for businesses in Hong Kong. By leveraging ChatGPT’s context and intent understanding capabilities, the solution surpasses conventional chatbots, offering diverse ways to enhance customer engagement across various industries, including financial services, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, hospitality, and education. imBee utilizes enterprise data for model training, thereby continuously improving the quality of suggestions. Additionally, the company prioritizes data confidentiality and security, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.

“AiskBee brings the power of Generative AI to enterprises while addressing the mandated data privacy, security and language regulations. Being trainable, it can help enterprises to customise dynamic engagements in the customer’s preferred language. This can further strengthen customer stickiness, improve brand loyalty and, more importantly, build trust,” Ken adds.

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