IMEX Holding to focus on expanding its product range


2020 has been a year in which the importance of e-commerce has been understood by both economies and societies. Even though the pandemic lost its effects and the demand for physical stores grow respectably, the expansion potential for e-commerce accelerated considerably in Europe. It’s predicted that the current acceleration will continue while consumer habits change on a vast scale. After these changes, IMEX Holding, one of Europe’s largest wholesale and retail sales electronic product companies, is focused on expanding its product range to meet consumer needs better.

Today, the ever-increasing risk environment, serial transformations in the supply chain, and economic contractions push consumers to think twice while shopping. According to the ClearSale Consumer Habits Survey conducted in 2020-2021, the rate of e-shopping after Covid-19 increased by 84% and continues to enlarge. Participants who used to shop online once or twice a week before, now prefer e-shopping platforms 59% more. According to IMEX Holding CEO Martin William Edelberg Sorensen, as the major supplier of electronic products in Europe, the company follows online shopping trends closely.

How Is E-Commerce Shopping Affected by the Recession?

2020 was a year there were revolutionary developments in many areas, including consumer habits. Considering the data shared in the E-commerce Worldwide Report by Statista, global expenses for e-commerce reached over 4.9 trillion dollars and proceeded to increase afterward. Sorensen emphasized that thanks to online shopping, users could obtain many components much more easily and quickly now.

Sorensen continued his statements as follows: “We’re aware of the deep interest in e-commerce shopping today and already started to make provisions against the recession as needed. Despite the global price rises, users tend to buy the most trusted products continuously, and consequently, we are protected from the side effects of the global recession by coming to terms with the most powerful brands in the sector and supplying the most demanded products.”

What Are the Factors Responsible for Changing Customer Habits?

Online shopping habits have changed notably due to growing internet access and technological developments. IMEX Holding CEO Sorensen indicated that the explosion in consumer electronics wasn’t affected by the global crisis and people didn’t avoid buying high technology products even just a bit.

He continued as follows: “Most internet users don’t economize on consumer electronics, instead they choose to compare different sellers to find the most affordable products. Therefore, consumers go for high-end products of good quality independent of the global crisis, because the developments such as Metaverse or IoT increase product variety fairly. Since these products have become essential requirements rather than luxury goods, we, as IMEX Holding, want to meet consumer demands and furnish the industry with reliable types of equipment. While progressing in this manner, we care for preferring the leading brands of the sector and keep the customer delight at its highest.”

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