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imgix boosts AI Capabilities with Advanced Background Replacement

Further Innovating Visual Media with a Comprehensive Suite of AI-Powered Solutions

In its mission to power and transform the visual media landscape, imgix is proud to announce the release of its new AI-powered background replacement tool. This feature builds on imgix’s robust portfolio of AI functionalities that aim to evolve the way marketers, developers, and creatives work with their visual assets. By continuing to integrate AI into its services, the company is committed to improving web experiences through optimized visual content.

Background replacement complements imgix’s existing suite of AI capabilities—generative fill, super resolution, background removal, and auto-tagging—by offering users an intuitive way to replace the backdrops of their images through simple prompts. This not only helps users sharpen the visual impact of their images, but also allows for greater creative control and customization to keep existing content fresh and dynamic. For instance, a fashion retailer could use this tool to showcase their clothing line in various settings without conducting multiple photoshoots. Through text-to-image generation, a summer dress originally photographed in a studio could be digitally placed onto a sunny beach setting, helping the brand create seasonally-themed marketing materials quickly and cost-effectively. Watch background replacement in action here.

“Our continued investment in AI technology empowers our users to create more engaging and visually-striking images,” stated Chris Zacharias, CEO of imgix. “With our comprehensive set of AI tools, our customers can now transform their visuals more efficiently and creatively, without the traditional barriers they once faced.”

In addition to background replacement, imgix provides other powerful AI features that enable users to intelligently manage and edit their images:

  • Generative Fill extends, fills, and recreates images with context-aware AI that makes smart, aesthetic decisions to “uncrop” or fill in the blanks of your visuals.
  • Super Resolution intelligently upscales images up to 4x for unparalleled clarity and detail without any manual work.
  • Background Removal highlights the prominent feature of your images and removes the background noise.
  • Auto-Tagging reduces manual tagging efforts by automatically assigning relevant tags to all your images to make them easily searchable.

imgix is dedicated to delivering innovative, yet practical solutions that address the most critical needs in visual media. To further streamline workflows, reduce operational costs, and boost performance for customers, imgix recently released several additional features including gradient fill, superior GIF compression, blurhashes, and automated captioning for images and videos.

“We are starting to see an acceleration of customers adopting AI to redefine the way they handle their visual media. We are excited to see how these new capabilities will inspire our users to approach content creation differently in a way that elevates their creativity to new heights,” added Zacharias.

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