Impact of Google’s New Experiment on Business Online Traffic


Sydney, New South Wales -Sydney, Australia – Google recently launched an experiment that could impact the amount of traffic that businesses get from organic and paid searches, for better or worse.

The search engine is testing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help people find reliable and condensed information faster in Google search, within a fraction of a second.

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is being trialled in more than 120 countries and should roll out in Australia later this year.

As part of the experiment, Google has integrated artificial intelligence into its search engine.

When people search for a topic, AI creates an easy-to-understand summary at the top of the search engine results page. This summary is based on information from multiple websites that feature in a prominent source panel alongside the summary. The experiment also has a conversational element, with Google suggesting follow-up queries to help the user dive deeper into the topic.

Google SGE is expected to make searching easier for consumers, but digital marketing experts speculate about possible downsides for online businesses.

The Google snippet box may answer simple queries so well that internet users don’t need to click on any of the indexed websites, according to Sam Shetty, CEO of Sydney-based SEO agency E-Web Marketing.

“If an internet user finds all the information they need from the Google snippet box, indexed websites may experience a drop in traffic as fewer people click on their site,” Mr Shetty said.

“Having said this, the experiment is in its early stages, so it’s still unclear how Google SGE will impact the online visibility of businesses.”

In fact, Mr Shetty says businesses that have optimised their websites for SEO could actually benefit from higher traffic with Google SGE, especially when influencing leads for in-depth search queries.

“When the experiment launches in Australia, businesses should try to get their website featured in the prominent source panel, because internet users will be inclined to visit those pages for complex queries that an AI-generated snippet cannot comprehensively answer,” Mr Shetty said.

“To prepare for the launch of Google SGE, we suggest you prioritise creating engaging and accessible content relevant to your audience’s specific needs.”

The E-Web Marketing team focuses on creating user-friendly content that appeals to technical search algorithms, to increase the visibility, traffic and engagement of their clients’ websites. As part of their strategy, they generate well-researched content that targets relevant SEO keywords and phrases.

E-Web Marketing recently published an article titled “What is Google SGE?”, which explains what Australian business owners can expect when the experiment launches here.

The article explains whether or not it’s safe to trust Google SGE for accurate information. This is particularly important for complex searches related to medical, financial or legal needs. Interested readers will also find a description of the technical features of the experiment, in a way that’s easy to understand for people who lack IT experience.

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