Influencers champions the power of creator ambassadorships

influencer social media, the leading influencer marketing company, celebrates the launch of its latest report in partnership with GlobalWebIndex (GWI), entitled; Building consideration influence: How long-term collaborations between creators and brands drive consideration amongst audiences, which aims to understand the impact of brand ambassadors on consumer purchase behaviour.

The results found that consumers are 4 times more likely to approve longevity than short-term collaborations with 41% of consumers claiming to ‘like it a lot’, while among those who browse and buy products on social media, 72% state that they’re more likely to purchase if the creator demonstrates that they have researched the product beforehand. This is a further nod towards working with creators in long-term ambassadorships as, as part of these, brands are able to involve the creators sooner in the process, while also enabling the brand to create a feedback loop between the brand, the creator, and the creator’s followers.

The report features insights from’s ambassador campaign with ITV, in which they partnered with the British TV network to raise awareness of the channel and its on-demand service amongst 16-34-year-olds. The campaign ran for a period of 6 months, during which time the 9 creator ambassadors delivered over 100 pieces of content, a 38.9% increase against Influencer’s target of 72, with a cumulative audience of over 18.9 million. Notably, the campaign achieved total impressions of over 5.5 million, an 104% increase on target.

Influencer’s clients also include Mars, Google, Hilton, Ocado, and Alibaba, while the company is also an official marketing partner with TikTok and Meta, delivering creative solutions across the platforms.

Ben Jefferies, CEO, commented:

“As the volume of content that audiences are presented with increases, brands must find new ways of reaching their customers in a meaningful and authentic way. While ambassador programs aren’t anything new, in recent years we’ve seen brands placing increased emphasis on long-term partnerships with creators, and reaping the benefits. In this report, we are proud t have partnered with GlobalWebIndex to understand exactly how audiences are engaging with these long-term brand-creator partnerships and how our clients can best harness them to stand out from the noise in the future.”

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