Influencer marketing tool reveals brands that are performing well

New influencer marketing tool reveals legacy beauty brand M.A.C outperforms Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty by Rhianna on Instagram
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HypeAuditor officially launches its Competitor Grid solution to identify which brands are leading the way when it comes to influencer marketing

HypeAuditor, the AI analytics platform for brands who want fair, transparent and effective influencer marketing, today released new research analyzing which brands in the U.S. are performing best in Instagram influencer marketing campaigns, using its new competitor analysis tool. 

The report from HypeAuditor shows that despite the colossal brand awareness and influencer fame associated with Kylie Kardashian’s Kylie Cosmetics and Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty, established brand M.A.C performs better overall in the beauty industry. The iconic beauty brand led the pack in running more effective and efficient influencer marketing campaigns from October – December 2020.

The data from HypeAuditor shows that M.A.C’S strong performance is due to the brand achieving 1.95% average engagement rate for the quarter, an average cost of $0.28 per engagement, and 2,400 sponsored and likely sponsored posts from 491 influencers such as @loren, @bretmanrock and @teyanataylor, earning M.A.C an earned media value of over $3 million. 

HypeAuditor’s newly launched Competitor Grid tool, available today, gives users full access to analytics that show how competitor brands’ influencer marketing campaigns are performing, including a close analysis of the following criteria: 

  • Engagement Rate
  • Audience Quality
  • Influencer Quality
  • Cost per Engagement
  • Reach

HypeAuditor created this new tool based on demand from marketers, as highlighted in research conducted in January 2021*, which found that 1 in 3 marketers (31%) are unaware of the influencers their competitors are working with, while almost half (45%) do not know the audiences their competitors are targeting through influencer marketing and 87% find it helpful to get a list of Instagram posts with competitors’ mentions. 

HypeAuditor’s Competitor Grid gives marketers the ability to easily analyze the performance of competitors influencer marketing campaigns. Arming them with important information, such as the full list of influencers they work with, analysis of the creatives used, and amount spent per post on a campaign. HypeAuditor’s aim is to help marketers make more strategic decisions for their brand’s influencer marketing activity. 

HypeAuditor’s Competitor Grid analyzed the performance of leading beauty brands in the US, the key findings are below**:

Brand Efficiency Reach and Visibility Grand total
Engagement rate Audience quality Influencer quality Cost per engagement($) Total Followers Reach Organic spread Total
M.A.C cosmetics 1.99% 68 19.61 0.27 55 3.9M 52.3M 5.3k 85 140
Ulta Beauty 0.55% 76 30.30 0.66 55 3.7M 128.5M 1.7k 79 134
Sephora 0.39% 65 27.77 0.49 34 6.1M 104.5M 2.9k 88 122
Fenty Beauty 1.74% 60 19.35 0.23 43 3.7M 63M 5.1k 79 122
Dior Makeup 0.46% 75 19.68 0.21 66 661k 36.7M 1.6k 39 105
Kylie Cosmetics 0.74% 70 19.51 1.10 31 6.2M 47.9M 1.7k 73 104
Chanel Beauty 1.44% 78 25.45 0.22 81 603.6k 10.4M 1k 12 93
Laura Mercier 2% 67 19.16 0.48 38 669k 36M 2.8k 48 86
Bobbi Brown 1.13% 70 15.74 0.19 55 1.1M 15.3M 1k 30 85
Ipsy 1.27 79 15.28 0.34 53 1.9M 35M 0.58k 30 83
YSL Beauty 0.87% 74 18.9 0.36 43 922k 17.1M 0.85k 24 67
JLO Beauty 0.55% 69 44.06 0.66 47 244k 35.5M 0.12k 12 59

“As influencer marketing matures, brands are reevaluating how they work with influencers. Instead of one-off deals with hundreds of influencers, all using the same copy, marketers and agencies are now looking for more long-term, authentic partnerships that give influencers more creative control.” claims Alex Frolov, CEO of HypeAuditor. “To do this effectively, they need data that they can rely on when developing influencer marketing campaigns. Our new Competitor Grid answers these new needs and helps marketers make the right decisions when looking at implementing an influencer marketing strategy, based on valuable information gathered about competitors’ strategies.”

Competitive Landscape is currently available to analyze four industries (Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Gym, Luxury) across five countries (US, UK, Australia, Germany, France). More industries and countries will be added at a later date.

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