Influential Hires WME Agent Cody Irizarry

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Influential, the AI-powered social data and conversion platform that connects brands and influencers via transparent data and machine learning, has just announced the hiring of WME agent, Cody Irizarry. Martech News Working out of Influential’s Los Angeles headquarters, he will primarily focus his efforts on furthering the partnership between Influential and Endeavor, which began in May of 2018, with an investment into Influential’s Series B round of funding.

Irizarry, a 12-year William Morris Endeavor (WME) veteran, has been tapped by Influential as the new Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. As a former agent in WME’s Commercials Endorsements and Voiceover Division, Cody brings with him extensive experience driving innovative campaigns through strategic talent partnerships, for the likes of Dennis Quaid, Mahershala Ali, Manuel Garcia RulfoMichael Chiklis, and Mike Colter, with brands, networks, studios, creative agencies, and production companies. His innate ability to identify top talent and catalyze opportunities directly contributed to the growth of WME’s Commercials Endorsements and Voiceover Department. Prior to joining WME, Cody graduated from the University of Michigan, with a double major in Psychology and Communications.

“Cody has been a tremendous help to us in our partnership with WME, over the past year and a half,” said Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential. “We are excited to have him in-house with us to help grow and accelerate our partnership with WME and its various business units.”

“Influential’s hyper-focused, yet scalable A.I. driven platform creates an unmatched offering that has already proven itself as a critical and empowering tool in the future of brand building,” said Irizarry. “I’m beyond thrilled to be joining Ryan and the talented Influential team, in step with the family I’ve built over the past decade at WME, to help continue to evolve modern marketing and partnerships.”

Irizarry will report directly to Influential CEO, Ryan Detert.

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