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Infogix Enhances Data360 with Streaming Data Quality Capabilities for Apache Kafka and Introduces a Collaborative Asset Browser

Upgraded Platform Empowers Global Businesses to Leverage Streaming Data and Easily Collaborate Enterprise-Wide
digital asset management

Infogix, a leading provider of data management tools, today announced major upgrades to its highly-regarded Data360® data intelligence platform to help users validate the quality of streaming data and break down cross-departmental communication barriers with a new interactive browser.

Data360, Infogix’s integrated data intelligence platform with automated capabilities for data governance, data quality and data analytics, consumes and outputs Apache Kafka® messages in real-time, reconciling information between systems, applying data quality logic to streaming messages and quickly validating streaming messages to deliver high-quality data that users trust. As streaming messaging systems, like Apache Kafka, communicate changes to data in real-time, organizations require end-to-end data validation to maximize the speed and scale of streaming platforms.

“Apache Kafka addresses the critical needs of today’s data users by immediately sending new or updated data from the source system to the target system. However, as organizations continue to invest in Apache Kafka, they are unable to monitor data volumes for anomalies, which could affect decision-making and business outcomes,” said Emily Washington, executive vice president of product management at Infogix. “Event-driven frameworks that allow the transfer of data in real-time are the future of digital-first enterprises and will act as a critical component to their data fabric.”

Another significant new feature, driven by organizational communication barriers, is Data360’s Asset Browser, unveiled to deliver a true visual-rich, user experience to data governance, based on lineage and asset relationships. The interactive browser enables users to get answers to questions easily about data assets and objects governed with Data360. With a streamlined interface, users simply click on data assets to instantly uncover answers about data in minutes, increasing productivity, eliminating wasted time and improving the reliability of information.

According to Washington, “Data assets are stored in various locations within an organization, and different data owners are responsible for divergent data assets. “Therefore,” she added, “finding answers to pertinent questions can often be a time consuming and frustrating task. However, the new Data360 Asset Browser centralizes data assets and enables quick collaboration so all data users can effortlessly find the meaning and purpose of their data.”

Data360 employs powerful, intuitive technology that allows data leaders to organize and utilize data properly, measure data quality and deliver business-ready data to develop meaningful business insights. By integrating data governance, intelligent data quality and data analytics, Data360 also provides business users with collaborative features and trustworthy data at their fingertips, regardless of its source or the speed at which it travels.

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