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Infogroup Strengthens Its Consumer Data Lead with Speedeon Data

New data on life events makes Infogroup's predictive data even more powerful
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Marketers will have a stronger sense of what their targets are ready to buy and when, thanks to a partnership announced today by Infogroup, a leading provider of data and data-driven intelligence solutions. Infogroup will enhance its industry-leading consumer data offerings with powerful life event data from Speedeon Data, a leading direct marketing and data solutions provider.

Speedeon, which builds high-performance audiences through high-quality data from registries, subscriptions, surveys, online forums, and other opt-in sources, will provide Infogroup information on millions of American consumers. Infogroup will use specific segments — Newly Married, New Baby, Newly Single, and more — to bolster its consumer database, giving brands the ability to identify, engage and convert their audiences at various lifecycle moments through personalized, timely and relevant initiatives martech news.

“We’re always looking to improve the scale and precision of the data we offer our customers,” said Infogroup Chairman and CEO Michael Iaccarino. “Combining Speedeon’s Life Events data with our own consumer database of 300MM individuals and 184MM households will enable both our SMB and enterprise clients to home in on their most valuable prospects at the right time, thus build long-term loyalty through important lifecycle moments.”

The most important segments Infogroup will be adding include:

  • Newly Married — a powerful addition given that housing costs, for example, typically constitute 34% of a married couple’s monthly budget
  • New Baby — a strong indicator of future purchase patterns in categories such as furniture, clothing, insurance, and more
  • Newly Single — data on newly divorced consumers who are likely to relocate and assume new housing costs
  • Newly Engaged — data on US consumers who will be looking to make purchases in the travel, hospitality, wedding service, real estate and insurance sectors
  • Prenatal — data on women who will likely be in the market to purchase clothing, furniture, and insurance, as well as seek information on opening a college savings, HSA and other accounts

“We have great respect for the Infogroup brand and have had a long-standing partnership; this opens up a whole new level of opportunity for both companies,” said Speedeon CEO Gerard Daher. “We’re proud that the segments we’ve built will enable Infogroup’s partners to more effectively understand, reach, and engage their prospects at various important milestones.”

The addition of Speedeon’s data is the latest in a series of rollouts and enhancements by Infogroup, including new features for its Data Axle platform, such as the ability to test Data Axle for free, a pre-built integration for CRM, and millions of additional contact and vehicle ownership insights.

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