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InfoTrack announces new integration with iManage

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This month, InfoTrack announced that it has completed an integration with iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™.

This integration incorporates key litigation products offered by InfoTrack into the iManage knowledge work platform, allowing users to do even more critical legal tasks without leaving their primary document and email management environment.

InfoTrack and iManage together is a powerful combination, allowing law firms to electronically sign, file, and serve documents in many of America’s busiest courts directly from iManage. File-stamped documents are automatically returned to the secure workspaces within the iManage platform.

With more than 3,500 organizations worldwide – including 2,500 law firms – utilizing its knowledge work platform, iManage enables workflows that help solve complex business challenges and enable better business outcomes. The partnership between iManage and InfoTrack allows legal professionals across the country to reduce their data entry, save time on hunting down important documents, and improve overall productivity.

InfoTrack US Partnerships Manager, Catherine Stock, said: “We are excited to partner with iManage and expand our integration offering to law firms using the iManage platform. Integration is at the heart of what we do at InfoTrack. Partnering with iManage will allow us to provide the very best in automation for court filing and other critical processes.”

“Legal professionals today are busier than ever and need ways to work smarter,” said Dean Leung, Chief Customer Success Officer, iManage. “Our comprehensive knowledge work platform is enriched by the contributions of over 200 technology partners, who deliver key functionality that seamlessly integrates with our platform. The integration with InfoTrack gives our customers new ways to streamline key legal workflows and work more efficiently, so that they can service their clients at the highest levels and drive competitive advantage.”

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