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Infoworks AI Revolutionizes Data Preparation for Analytics and AI

Automated data engineering and Generative AI combine to addresses critical bottlenecks facing data professionals

Infoworks.io, the leading innovator in data engineering automation, announces the launch of Infoworks AI. This groundbreaking solution addresses the critical bottlenecks facing data professionals by leveraging advanced AI technology and Infoworks’ data engineering automation technology to streamline data exploration, data preparation, and data integration for analytics and AI applications.

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, the demand for skilled data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists has skyrocketed. Yet these professionals spend up to 80% of their time on the laborious task of preparing data sets for analytics and AI use cases. These bottlenecks hamper the scalability and innovation of AI and analytics initiatives, which are essential for driving business value.

“Our goal with Infoworks AI is to accelerate data-driven innovation,” said Amar Arsikere, Founder, Chief Product & Technology Officer, at Infoworks.io. “Combining AI with our innovative data engineering automation technology, we empower organizations to democratize data access and fully unleash its potential through rapid deployment of advanced analytics and AI applications.”

Infoworks AI frees up data professionals to innovate and accelerate AI and analytics initiatives. Amongst its key features are:

  • A Comprehensive Solution: Automates data exploration, data cleansing, and data transformation tasks, which combined consume up to 80% of a data professional’s time. SQL generation alone only accounts for about 20% of the data professional’s time.
  • Natural language interface: Enables data professionals to specify their data requirements without detailed technical knowledge of the data and metadata.
  • Business-Aware AI™: Ensures unparalleled accuracy and quality in SQL generation by augmenting AI models with a business-specific knowledge base and technical metadata. This alleviates commonly encountered problems of accuracy and quality of AI-generated SQL.

Experience the transformative power of Infoworks AI with our free version, tailored for Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse users. Register now at https://ai.infoworks.io/pricing/ to witness firsthand how Infoworks AI enhances productivity and drives business innovation. Stay updated with the latest from Infoworks on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/infoworks-io

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