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InMoment Partners Tethr to Deliver Conversation Insights

Advanced visualizations, sophisticated recommendations and critical action plans will help InMoment and Tethr's clients accelerate and prioritize changes to improve customer experiences.
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Tethr, the leading research-backed conversation intelligence platform, today announced a strategic partnership with InMoment. This partnership will deliver a seamless approach to visualizing and actioning on conversation insights derived from Tethr’s platform. Insights from customer conversations in call, chat, and case channels can now be visualized alongside other channels—survey, social media, digital and video—within the InMoment XI Platform. This omni-channel visual view will allow businesses to better understand and prioritize interaction points—eliminating friction.

The most recent Forrester Wave report indicates that [1] “integrating multiple feedback sources to create a holistic view of the customer” is a priority for CX leaders. Through this partnership, Tethr and InMoment address this key objective.

Also according to Forrester, [2] 79% of firms don’t quantify the business impact of customer service issues. Insight flowing from the Tethr platform into InMoment’s XI platform will help CX leaders quantify the impact of many customer experience and sales challenges, including:

  • How much churn do we experience due to billing related issues?
  • How much can we reduce overall call volumes by addressing the root causes of repeat calls and channel switching?
  • How much can we increase sales conversion by identifying and replicating the most effective objection responses?

Background on InMoment Experience Improvement (XI) Platform

  • Leading Customer Feedback Management (CFM) platform according to the 2021 Forrester Wave Report
  • Over 3,000 global customers
  • Provides a consolidated view of Voice of Customer (VOC) data across all channels
  • Captures the holistic customer journey
  • Actively combs through data to detect and alert on patterns, trends and anomalies as they occur
  • Empowers companies to effectively manage, assign, track, prioritize, and remedy individual incidents and widespread occurrences

Background on Tethr Conversation Analytics Platform

  • Captures, structures and analyzes two-way customer conversations occurring in voice, chat and case interactions
  • Measures effort occurring in customer interactions, as well as agent performance, on every conversation through Tethr’s AI-powered scoring models
  • Surfaces opportunities for reducing customer effort in order to facilitate a better customer experience
  • Cultivates methods for increasing customer loyalty and minimizing churn
  • Identifies behaviors of top performers enabling refined coaching opportunities
  • Enables customers to benchmark performance of all scores and metrics against top performing companies

“We’re pleased to announce the ability to use Tethr’s advanced visualization and sophisticated action plans within the InMoment XI Platform to help businesses improve their customers’ experiences,” said Brian Weiss, SVP, Technology & Solutions, InMoment. “It’s about bringing together the right technology and expertise to accelerate the business value of customer experience programs.”

“CX buyers have made it clear that they expect conversation insights from voice, chat and case management interactions to be accessible within their CFM platform. By partnering with Tethr, InMoment takes the lead with the most robust conversation analytics available on the market,” said Robert Beasley, EVP, Corporate Development for Tethr.

1 The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021, Forrester, May 11, 2021.
2 Enable An Insights-Driven Business, Forrester, April 29, 2021

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