Innovative Company Offers Resource-saving CRM Services for SMEs

With small businesses still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, P2 Automation LLC is tossing them the life-line they need to succeed in this new era.
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Steve Pestillo, Founder and CEO of P2 Automation LLC, has always felt that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems were fundamentally flawed. A CRM is a catch-all term for automating and simplifying the sales operations, data collection, or communications of a business. It allows businesses to more efficiently serve their customers while letting computers do the leg-work of generating reports, sending messages, compiling price quotations, and performing automated workflows.

However, Steve realized that there was a huge barrier in allowing the average small business to take advantage of such automation. “Big Box” CRM systems were too expensive. Small business owners found themselves with overly complex programs and were only able to utilize a fraction of the functionality. Factor in the cost of consulting with an expert on the implementation and maintenance of these services, and CRM became completely out of the realm of possibility for the average entrepreneur.

Something had to change and Steve knew exactly what to do.

P2 Automations LLC had developed an app called CRMPlus365. The app operates on the popular Microsoft Power Platform, and includes many of the similar services that Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 uses like tracking customer data and sales opportunities, as well as managing phone calls and emails. The big difference… P2 Automation began offering CRMPlus365 for free during the summer of 2020. That’s right — free technology.

“This is our new normal,” Mr. Pestillo stated, “We see it as our contribution to supporting other businesses and have no plans to go back to charging for the app license.”

Since offering the app, Steve and his team have been able to help even more clients identify and reduce the bottlenecks in their workflow.

Steve stated that P2 Automation’s ideal clients are those small businesses with a niche market where standard software doesn’t fit their needs. They are typically businesses that do not have an IT department and may not even consider themselves tech savvy. “We, in a way, become the tech extension of the small business. We allow them to spend their time working on the core of their business, instead of trying to figure out software programs and what ‘might’ work for them.” Additionally, P2 Automation has made their application scalable to the size and complexity of the enterprise.

Because they do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach to CRM, it is important to note that there are costs involved in implementing and maintaining a CRM program, even with P2 Automation’s free CRMPlus365 license. Clients must purchase Microsoft Power Platform licenses and P2 Automation offers affordable consultation and support services. However, their clients have found that the benefit of the money and time saved through strategic implementation of CRM far exceeds the cost of the program.

Businesses interested in taking advantage of P2 Automation’s CRMPlus365 system can schedule a free strategy session at This no-obligation consult will allow P2 Automation LLC to discover the business-process bottlenecks and suggest specific solutions.

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