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Innovid & Ascendant Network release new research

Study polled senior-level marketers to understand how advertising strategies have changed to reach and engage with audiences across linear, CTV, and digital
Innovid Corp

Innovid Corp. (NYSE:CTV), an independent advertising platform for delivery, personalization, and measurement of converged TV, in partnership with Ascendant Network, an exclusive community of senior-level marketing and retail professionals, today announced the release of “The Future of Converged TV: How Advertisers Are Adapting the Video Mix to Reach and Engage with Audiences Where They Are.” The research report polled VP, SVP, and C-level marketers to understand how their video mix, media, and creative strategies have evolved in order to reach and engage with audiences dispersed across linear, CTV, and digital.

The shift to “converged TV” (linear, CTV, and digital video) has had a profound impact on every aspect of the advertising industry – from reaching audiences to leveraging data-driven technologies for personalization at scale, to meeting demands for transparent, holistic measurement, and adopting real-time optimization strategies.

“This convergence presents opportunities for advertisers to reach and engage with audiences in new ways, but also requires them to re-think their video buying strategies,” said Jessica Hogue, General Manager of Measurement & Analytics, Innovid. “Our report sheds light on how marketing leaders have adapted their advertising strategies for converged TV and evolved their mix across platforms, highlighting key priorities and challenges for 2023 and beyond.”

With the technology and data available to “connect the dots” across linear, CTV, and digital video, the report uncovers how advertisers have changed their video mix, measurement, and creative strategies. Some key findings include:

  • Advertisers are diversifying buys across linear, CTV, and digital to reach and engage with desired audiences. As this has occurred, internal silos between digital and traditional channels also seem to be breaking down, with 80% of respondents now buying converged TV through a centralized team.
  • Goals for converged TV buys span reach and performance. According to respondents, the top goals for converged TV were ranked as 1) audience targeting; 2) reach/incremental reach; and 3) outcomes
  • A unified view of converged TV reach and performance is needed, but remains a challenge. While the way measurement is done differs widely by respondent, what is being measured is increasingly aligned, with 45% measuring the same KPIs across linear, CTV, and digital. The top KPIs for converged TV are online outcomes (86%), offline outcomes (57%), and incremental reach (43%).
  • Creative strategies are still rooted in the linear 60-second spot, but starting to evolve along with converged TV. In fact, personalization at scale (48%) and interactivity at scale (35%) ranked as high creative priorities in 2023 for all respondents.

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