InsideView Data Integrity will improve the CRM data quality for the users of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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InsideView is now launching a new application InsideView Data Integrity for the users of Microsoft Dynamics to help them clean and enrich the CRM data. In the marketing world, data of poor quality can cost the company big bucks. To ensure that that doesn’t happen, Microsoft Dynamic 365 users who use the InsideView Insights application for marketing and sales intelligence can now get access to this new app for enhanced and improved CRM data quality martech news.

The InsideView Data Integrity application is designed keeping in mind the data hygiene and delivery of accurate data to the customers. It also comes with rich visualizations that enable organizations to pinpoint problem areas in their data quickly and take effective measures to improve the health of their data.

Umberto Milletti, the CEO of InsideView stated that nowadays when marketing and sales are becoming extremely virtual, having or worse using bad data can cost companies millions. Every project and every department gets affected by it. Working with the wrong data only means wasting precious time and resources while leaving a negative impression on the prospective clients of your company. so, this application, that is the InsideView Data Integrity, fetches trustworthy, credible, and consistent data and automatically updates and enriches the data expected from InsideView Insights.

InsideView Integrity gives users access to clean and standardized data that can unify all the customer profiles to ensure territory assignments with high reliability. It also validates the emails and accounts hierarchies. It can also help companies to map accounts to inbound leads easily by delivering family tree linkages that help in the identification of individuals and organizations and then lead-to-account mapping. It also provides snapshots of data hygiene which are provided by interactive trend graphs and dashboards for monitoring of CRM health.

This application is also available for Salesforce.

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