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insightsoftware named a winner for Embedded Business Intelligence

2022 Technology Innovation Awards recognize insightsoftware, based on end user feedback and real-world perspectives

insightsoftware, a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, today announced it has been named a winner for Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) in the 2022 Technology Innovation Awards by Dresner Advisory Services.

Logi Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence from insightsoftware enable software teams to rapidly design, build, and embed interactive dashboards and data visualizations. With fast connectivity and access to modern data infrastructure, Logi provides both small and enterprise-level companies with complete control over the analytics experience while empowering end users to explore, analyze, and share data securely.

“Whether companies develop web-based applications for internal use or for the products and services they sell, they often need reporting capabilities embedded directly into these applications. This is a complex task, often requiring high degrees of customization,” said Deepak Vittal, Director, Product Management at insightsoftware. “Logi eliminates complexity, providing flexible, purpose-built BI and analytics that connect to any data source and can be deployed anywhere. Leveraging Logi’s Data and Visualization APIs, developers can create highly customizable, low-code dashboards and reports with interactive data visualizations or enable self-service/data discovery to allow users to find insights.”

The annual Dresner Technology Innovation Awards recognize top-ranked vendors from Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds® thematic market studies. These studies are based on data collected from end users and provide a real-world perspective on various technical capabilities related to Dresner’s annual research. Each report examines current deployment trends, user intentions, and industry capabilities.

“Our annual thematic studies provide a thorough examination of the business intelligence and analytics markets and identify the leading providers with the most innovative and comprehensive solutions,” said Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “Across the past decade, users continually assign strong importance to embedded BI, and we are pleased to recognize insightsoftware as a winner of our 2022 Technology Innovation Awards for Embedded BI.”

insightsoftware has invested in expanding its Embedded Analytics offerings since acquiring Logi Analytics in April 2021. Notably, it acquired Dundas in August 2022 and accelerated innovation for the growing suite of Logi products. In December 2022, Logi solutions ranked #1 in the Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) Market Study by Dresner. The annual report, part of Dresner’s Wisdom of Crowds® series of research, examines end user trends surrounding the importance and adoption of embedded BI, architecture and feature requirements, and targeted applications.

insightsoftware has also been recognized in the Dresner Technology Innovation Awards for Financial Consolidation, Close Management, and Reporting.

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