Intango Launches Mani-Festo with Revital Kristal as Head of Advertising

Kristal will oversee Intango’s flagship platform as company prepares for post-cookie world

Intango, an independent advertising technology company for the world’s leading advertisers, is pleased to announce the official launch of Mani-Festo, the company’s new advertising division, led by Revital Kristal as the newly appointed Head of Advertising. This move showcases Intango’s mission to continuously redefine the digital advertising industry, especially at a critical point for privacy-centric solutions.

Mani-Festo, Intango’s flagship advertising platform, utilizes advanced machine learning and AI-driven technology to offer smart automated media buying, bidding optimization, and predictive analytics. This dynamic contextual advertising tool allows brands to access high-intent audiences through methods like in-text, native, push notifications, and intent-based search, enhancing user relevance and experience with privacy-friendly targeting. These unique capabilities ensure that advertisers can optimize ad expenditure and significantly boost their growth, setting new standards in how brands connect with their audiences.

As Head of Advertising, Revital Kristal will be leveraging Intango’s assets and advancing data initiatives through machine learning models to maintain the company’s operational excellence. She brings a wealth of experience to Intango, with nearly 12 years in the tech industry. Her journey has spanned from biotechnology to travel, and includes significant roles such as VP of Product at BioData and Head of Product at Atriis, as well as founding the startup reTravel.

“I am very excited to lead Mani-Festo during this time,” Kristal said. “It is a critical moment for the digital advertising industry, and here at Intango we have an opportunity to be at the forefront of the conversation, especially when it comes to smart media buying. Leading Mani-Festo is an incredible opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible in advertising technology, as we focus on harnessing advanced AI and machine learning to enhance our advertising platforms, ensuring our clients can achieve their marketing objectives with utmost efficiency and precision.”

Kristal will work closely with CEO Uri Lichter and Intango’s leadership team, aligning their transformative strategies with the company’s overarching goals. Her appointment to lead Mani-Festo reflects Intango’s commitment to leadership that can navigate the evolving digital advertising landscape and drive forward a vision of innovation.

“Revital will be instrumental in helping us adapt and lead within the rapidly changing digital advertising environment,” said Uri Litcher, CEO of Intango. “Her diverse skill sets and visionary leadership are essential to our commitment to providing innovative and effective adtech solutions. We are excited to see her bring Intango to new heights and redefine how we serve our clients in a post third-party cookie era.”

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