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Inte Q Launches Groundbreaking Technology to Help Brands Build Customer Love™

New Product Will Revolutionize Landscape of Customer-Led Marketing
Inte Q

Inte Q, an expert in the loyalty marketing business, has launched a revolutionary product that will change the face of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and loyalty systems forever.

Inte Q is already known for helping companies create loyalty programs and enhance their current ones. The company’s focus has always been to assist brands in building “love” for their products and services and to reach their customers, wherever they are, with an integrated omni-channel marketing platform.

The Inte Q Genesis Platform will provide a one-stop approach to CRM and loyalty, offering an infinite number of tiers, bonuses and rewards, and will simplify the process of launching new shopper incentives. Like no other in the marketplace, Genesis is flexible, with a highly configurable design that integrates easily with existing data sources and unifies data feeds across locations. Clients on the Inte Q Genesis platform are supported by a seasoned team of CRM strategists, loyalty architects and Customer Love™ creators at Inte Q.

Utilizing data science, AI and machine learning, Genesis provides marketing professionals the timely and accurate insights they need to make smart and profitable decisions. All of these features help companies optimize their marketing spend with data-driven decisions and intelligent media solutions.

“It’s an exciting time for our clients as this new product will allow them to bring fresh customer insights into their marketing mix,” said Chris Duncan, CMO of Inte Q. “Our ultimate goal is to help brands manage customer growth, build loyalty and convert passive customers into loyal brand enthusiasts. Genesis will allow them to do just that.”

About Inte Q:
Inte Q builds marketing programs that create Customer Love™ for brands — enhancing customer retention, strengthening brand loyalty and driving incremental customer engagement. With more than 35 years in the loyalty marketing business, Inte Q is a marketing leader focused on loyalty and CRM programs, premium loyalty programs, marketing strategy and analytics services. For additional information, please visit

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