Intellifluence Launches Free Campaign Plan


With the global economy facing significant headwinds and unemployment expected to accelerate, Intellifluence is positioning itself not only as the largest warm contact influencer network, but also the most rational purchasing decision for influencer marketing. Based on a year’s worth of feedback data on its free plan launched a year prior and in light of uncertain e-commerce conditions heading into 2023, Intellifluence has released significant updates designed to maximize value for any business considering influencer marketing.

“First and foremost when asked why we’re doing this I like to point out that being bootstrapped does come with its advantages,” said Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Intellifluence. “It was a confluence of several variables really. We saw a large spike in brand sign ups on the FREE brand, and usage was occurring on the marketplace side of our platform. All the while though a lot of brands simply wanted more – they wanted to be able to create a campaign, they wanted to be able to discover influencers, and they wanted to do what they expected an influencer network to be able to do, even on a free plan. Those are features we initially held back for our paid plans, but we were able to study the usage across plans and come up with a solution that allowed us to still differentiate paid from free plans while letting free plans get broader access to all the capabilities. All without long term contracts! That we were able to do this at the same time as some of our VC-backed competitors are trying to increase their rates, juice their add-on fees, and push brands into annual contracts to make up for a couple of bad quarters is just a nice little bonus.”

Intellifluence as a large warm contact network provides match-making technology that makes it easy for brands to connect with and manage the workflow of campaigns with influencers over all facets of social media who have opted-in to work with brands.

“This is as much a way to provide maximal value while minimizing a brand’s investment in influencer marketing as it is a sales strategy. We’ll absolutely be able to provide a very stark competitive comparison in our demos as to why we’re the obvious choice for the vast majority of D2C, B2C, and SEO-centric B2B brands. We take a calm, long-term approach to the creator space. We’ve been here for 6 years and intend to be here for a long time to come. No matter how good or bad the economy is where you’re based, we can probably help.”

With a broad offering of plans for connecting with creators, Intellifluence aims to be the global leader in influencer transactions.

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