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Intellimize releases new AI Content Studio

Intellimize expands their programmatic CRO capabilities with the release of AI Content Studio, helping marketers create new content in a fraction of the time

Intellimize, the only programmatic conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform, announced the release of their new AI Content Studio to inspire and quickly create the content that marketers need to convert. Intellimizes’ latest generative AI release expands the capabilities of their no-code visual editor suggest copy feature, released in 2022.

“AI is the new currency in personalized customer experiences at scale. Our AI Content Studio is another great addition to our AI-powered platform making it easier for marketers to get their jobs done faster and more efficiently,” said Tracy Sestili, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Intellimize. “When marketers can get a head start on the hard stuff like inspiring great ideas and crafting copy that’s written to convert, they have more bandwidth for the strategic tasks that build stronger, more innovative marketing programs. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a marketer!”

Intellimize’s AI Content Studio provides multiple content formats from keyword rich product pages, blog posts to topic ideas, social posts, Google Ads, Facebook ads, and more. It includes greater input of keywords, topic ideas and tone options so marketers of any level can create great content experiences in minutes across all conversion touchpoints – on and off their website.

“CRO is no longer just about experimenting. It’s about personalization at scale, and the only way to personalize down to the individual is through programmatic CRO,” said Intellimize Co-founder and CEO, Guy Yalif. “AI is augmenting the expertise of great CRO practitioners so they can move faster and deliver better results than has been humanly possible before. I’m excited for our customers as we continue to break new ground through more AI-powered conversion and copywriting capabilities than any other CRO platform.”

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