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Introducing Phlywheel: The New DIY Digital Marketing Platform

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Focused on Community, Content & Coaching, Phlywheel was Created by Digital Marketing Maven and Truly Inc. Founder, Tara

Hunt Phlywheel officially launched today as a new DIY marketing platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses who need the creative and analytical expertise of an agency, but don’t have the budgets they demand. At its core, Phlywheel’s mission is to simplify the digital marketing landscape and provide members with the skills and tools needed to execute successful marketing strategies through the pillars of community, content and coaching martech news.

“When people ask if you should build an in-house team or hire an agency, my answer has always been both! For small and medium-sized businesses, with Phlywheel, now you can,” said Phlywheel CEO and co-founder Tara Hunt. “We offer members cost-effective access to the experts. It’s human expertise with algorithms and at scale. We like to call it agency expertise at cup-of-coffee prices.”

With the entire business landscape dramatically transformed in the past few months, Phlywheel offers an Agency-as-a-Service model at a time when more and more companies are moving their marketing in-house. Yet, the demand for intricate digital marketing expertise is still there. Phlywheel was founded for the various types of marketers: those who need an agency but don’t have the budget; an in-house team who needs more advanced tools and skills to execute complex campaigns; the freelancer who needs more expertise to scale their services and help multiple clients at once, and more.

With ever-tightening marketing budgets, Phlywheel is focused on doing more with less. Members can find a full range of digital and traditional marketing guidance across strategy, research, design, writing, optimization and more. Content features include masterclasses, expert guest speaker series, case studies, how-to videos, digital tools and downloadable guides, as well as actual templates that have been used on live campaigns. Expert coaching tops off the premium Phlywheel experience as members are offered one-on-one access in addition to online community lessons. Phlywheel provides three types of monthly membership options: Spark ($19.99), Catalyst ($39.99), Superconductor ($149.99).

“Phlywheel is the natural evolution of my life’s purpose, which is to democratize marketing for small and medium businesses. There is no time in recent history where the need has been so vast than the present,” added Tara.

Named one of the ‘Most Influential Women in Tech’ by Fast Company and ‘Women to Watch’ by Entrepreneur, Tara is a best-selling author, founder and social marketing pioneer with 20+ years experience in online and traditional marketing. She is the founder of Truly Inc., an award-winning strategic marketing firm that has worked with top global clients, including Nokia, REALTOR.ca, CAMSO, Michelin, CPA and many more.

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