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Investis Digital Announces Launch of Patient Recruitment Practice

White Paper Shows How Investis Digital Helped a Biotech Company Rescue its Lead Program by Out-Enrolling the Competition
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Investis Digital, a leading global digital communications company, announced the launch of a new practice that will help healthcare companies accelerate the pace of clinical development by improving the way they recruit patients for clinical trials martech news.

The new Investis Digital Patient Recruitment practice released a white paper, titled Treating Patient Recruitment Like a Customer Journey. This white paper takes a deep dive into how Investis Digital, along with its partners The Harte Group and Lazar-FINN Partners, helped save a biotech company $10 million by fundamentally shifting the way it approached recruitment and enrollment.

Ian Koenig, senior vice president, Investis Digital Life Sciences, said, “To introduce new therapies into the market faster, we rethought the standard patient recruitment model.  For far too long, sponsors have relied heavily on disparate solutions, which sadly left gaping holes in the patient journey.  We believe our coordinated effort, which combines both online and offline activation strategies, proprietary technology, performance attribution and behavioral analytics has solved the costly issue with seamlessly finding, engaging, screening and enrolling high quality participants across sites globally.”

Treating Patient Recruitment Like a Customer Journey, is a high-level playbook on how to embark on this transformation. The white paper illustrates how one clinical team rescued its lead orphan liver disease program by leveraging the new framework. Before the solution was in place, the trial was behind schedule, costing the biotech company millions of dollars in carry costs and a lost opportunity to bring a new, game-changing therapy to market. As noted in the white paper, the team designed and leveraged a framework spanning patient awareness to conversion martech.

The new practice, headquartered in New York, is global in scope. Investis Digital applies a proprietary framework known as Connected Content™ to develop a simple digital solution to achieve successful patient enrollment under tight timelines.

Through Connected Content, targeted clinical trial recruitment is accomplished through these phases:

  • Identity: leverage proprietary data sets to build and model customized audiences, including patients, caregivers and physicians, for a specific trial and region of the world
  • Engagement: combine online and offline strategies to engage identified audiences at a time when they’d be most receptive to take action
  • Conversion: drive engaged audiences to screen for eligibility online and seamlessly direct highly qualified leads direct to local sites

“To maximize results, we collaborate with our partners consisting of communications/PR firms and CROs,” Koenig said. Together we design integrated programs that identify and target highly- probable audiences, engage them with content and convert them with an elegant online/offline user experience.”

To download a copy of the Treating Patient Recruitment Like a Customer Journey, please visit this landing page.

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