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IOD’s Content Marketing Offering Draws Microsoft and Zoho


IOD Cloud Technologies Research Ltd—the leading tech research and content marketing agency supporting tech brands across the globe—has announced the launch of its new offering, IOD for Enterprise.

Serving companies in the cloud, DevOps, cybersecurity, data, and AI space, IOD CEO Ofir Nachmani referred to the new service as the natural evolution of its expanding partnerships with clients like Microsoft, NetApp, Check Point, and Zoho.

“Today’s tech audience is more sophisticated than ever. And with tech practitioners now the de facto decision-makers, there’s no room for fluff,” Nachmani noted.

“Developer marketing including deep tech content has become a key strategy for every tech vendor. Organizations that are slow to adopt this new mindset will quickly find themselves outrun.”

The challenge for the technology enterprise in particular, Nachmani recounted, is that they have to contend with siloed teams, multiple stakeholders, and a lack of resources, making their tech marketing initiatives difficult to realize and scale. The enterprise R&D members who know the product simply don’t have the time to dedicate to content, nor are they the organization’s target audience.

IOD’s new offering provides enterprises end-to-end content services. IOD’s dedicated production team of strategists; project managers; tech experts, writers, and editors; video producers; and designers work as an extension to the enterprise marketing team to deliver custom content at scale across all enterprise sales and marketing channels.

When Microsoft needed over a dozen technical case studies, IOD delivered within weeks.

“IOD’s streamlined, transparent process gave us full visibility of the production process. This made it easy to keep track and review the content, and all while satisfying multiple stakeholders. We were impressed by IOD’s professionalism—they took full ownership of the content creation and delivered incredibly fast!” —Amit Svarzenberg, CTO, Microsoft for Startups

Enterprise clients rely on IOD’s deep tech content to make them thought leaders in their fields.

“Working with IOD’s DevOps and cloud experts, we were able to produce quality tech content that resonates with our audience and has helped us achieve our goals. We look forward to continuing to grow together and already have plans to extend the partnership to influencer marketing and video creation!” —Jennis Thomas, Senior Content Manager, Zoho Site 24×7

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