IONOS introduces AI Website Generator for MyWebsite

IONOS continues to integrate AI into MyWebsite Now for rapid website creation of a homepage and up to four subpages including individual design, text and images

IONOS, a leading digitalization partner for small and midsize businesses, today introduced an AI website generator for its MyWebsite Now website builder. The AI website generator creates a professional website with individual design, text and images in seconds within MyWebsite Now. This announcement follows the introduction of an AI text generator for MyWebsite Now in April, illustrating IONOS’ focus on integrating AI into its offerings.

The AI website generator creates three website designs in seconds.

The new AI website generator requires only the company name, industry and a short company description to create three design options of a complete website with a homepage and up to four subpages. Users can then choose their favorite from the three generated design options and can further edit and expand the selected website as usual with the intuitive MyWebsite Now construction kit.

The AI website generator introduction also includes these new AI capabilities for MyWebsite Now:

  • The AI image generator automatically creates images based on text commands (prompts).
  • The AI SEO assistant automatically creates search engine optimized headlines and description texts with one click. It analyzes and summarizes the contents of the website for optimal display in search engines.
  • The AI text improver enables users to choose from 12 different tonalities such as professional, trustworthy, friendly, etc. to optimize the tone of their web content.

“Artificial intelligence is currently revolutionizing the way websites are generated. With MyWebsite Now, it has always been possible to create professional websites with no programming knowledge. With the new AI tools for MyWebsite Now, including the website generator, the image generator, the SEO assistant and the text improver, professional website creation is now significantly faster, easier and better than ever before,” said IONOS CEO Achim Weiss.

Currently, new customers receive comprehensive AI functions in the MyWebsite Now Plus package for six months for $1 per month. After that, the plan costs $18 per month. The AI website generator is already included in the MyWebsite Now Starter plan.

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