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iPost Announces First-Ever In-Platform Email Integration

Marketing professionals can now develop emails with dynamic content from Campaign-Genius within the email marketing platform of iPost
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An enterprise email marketing and automation provider, iPost, today announced a technology integration with Campaign-Genius, a dynamic content and visual automation platform for email, Customer Relationship Management, messaging and web. iPost is the initial ESP (email service provider) to offer user access to Campaign-Genius directly via its platform. iPost users presently have dynamic-content tools and millions of visual resources to utilize when building campaigns in the iPost drag and drop email design environment martech news.
Matthew Dunn, Founder of Campaign-Genius said that “With this addition, iPost puts the ‘native language’ of online — visual content — at the fingertips of email marketers. The idea of creating a ‘toolbox’ to put visual automation within the iPost platform emerged from a conversation with iPost centered around streamlining processes for users. It’s a bold, future-facing move that simplifies the application of dynamic content for marketers, and iPost customers are going to love it.”
The integration allows the use of dynamic content and imagery in emails to provide marketers with advanced personalization options such as tailored images based on specific customer actions or journeys. iPost users can additionally make real-time changes and updates to content after emails have been sent and opened, for instance, changing costs or correcting mistakes after the launch of an email martech.
Other dynamic elements presently available in iPost with the integration involves live package tracking, countdown timers, real-time stock market updates, timed out text and visuals, location-based weather, emojis, places, maps, and live website images. The integration also includes direct access to third-party capabilities of Campaign-Genius with YouTube, Twitter, and Giphy in the iPost platform marketing automation.
Cameron Kane, CEO of iPost said that “There is a noticeable shift toward visual content in the industry, and we wanted to make the application process of that content as simple as possible for our users. Partnering with Campaign-Genius on this groundbreaking integration was all about designing a seamless method for email marketers to successfully engage audiences with dynamic content while saving time and resources.”

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