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iPower Boosts SuperSuite with Amazon Logistics


iPower Inc. (“iPower” or the “Company”), a tech and data-driven online retailer and supplier of consumer home, pet and garden products, as well as a provider of value-added ecommerce services, announced the integration of Amazon Logistics Services into the Company’s SuperSuite platform.

iPower will leverage Amazon Logistics Services to bolster its last mile delivery capabilities, enhancing a critical component of SuperSuite’s comprehensive supply chain offerings. This collaboration will enable SuperSuite clients to deliver products with the speed, reliability, and efficiency that Amazon is renowned for, adding further depth to SuperSuite’s value proposition.

Key benefits of this integration include:

  • Competitive Rates: Amazon Logistics Services offers competitive rates on certain types of services, reducing costs for SuperSuite partners.
  • Fast & Efficient Delivery: With Amazon’s extensive delivery network, iPower can ensure fast and efficient delivery options, providing a competitive advantage for partner companies.
  • Reliable Service: Amazon’s demonstrated track record in logistics ensures that deliveries are reliable and timely, a crucial factor for maintaining high customer satisfaction.

“The integration of Amazon Logistics Services into the SuperSuite platform elevates our value proposition, enabling our partners to benefit from fast, reliable and efficient delivery services at competitive rates,” said Lawrence Tan, CEO of iPower. “This advancement not only strengthens our last mile delivery capabilities but also underscores our commitment to providing a robust supply chain solution for our clients. We look forward to further enhancing our supply chain offerings as we continue to evaluate and expand our portfolio.”

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