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ironSource Launches Updated ROAS Optimizer

The updated ROAS Optimizer helps app developers track the progress of their ROAS optimized campaigns over time, perfect their in-app UA strategy, and achieve greater scale in user growth

ironSource (NYSE: IS), a leading business platform for the App Economy, today announced a major update to its ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) Optimizer. ironSource is the first company to provide an area on its platform fully dedicated to ROAS optimization data – providing app marketers with a trend visualization and daily breakdown of their ROAS goal against ROAS performance over time.

The ROAS Optimizer allows app marketers to set a target ROAS goal, and then leave the engine to drive the highest scale possible while achieving the ROAS goal, saving hours of manual work. This latest update gives marketers the ability to get a visualization of the results of their campaigns over time, and the control to readjust their goals based on that data. This visibility into installs, spend, eCPI, current ROAS goals, effective ROAS goals over time and more, arms marketers with insights enabling them to learn from their campaigns’ performance and improve their user acquisition strategy.

“Ever since we’ve had access to the new ROAS performance page, we’ve been using it on a daily basis – it’s been super helpful,” said Mor Stone, VP Marketing at Innplay. “It gives us the full picture of our scale and performance compared with our target ROAS, which guides us in how to edit our goals. It’s the first time we’ve had actionable insights into ROAS goals and it’s empowered us to make informed decisions on our campaigns, improving our results.”

“Automated optimization is key to scaling in today’s competitive UA market, which is why we’ve built numerous optimizers in different areas of our platform, be it for in-app advertising or on-device advertising,” explains Nimrod Zuta, VP Product at ironSource. “We also believe in arming our customers with as much information and visibility as possible, and this combination of automation and transparency is key to how we build our technology – it’s why we’re constantly working on adapting our platform to deliver more data in a way that’s insightful and actionable.”

The update also includes self-serve capabilities, which allow marketers to optimize their ROAS goals and adjust campaigns directly on the platform. This update is one of many for the ROAS Optimizers, whose engines are updated almost every week, making them smarter and more efficient in helping advertisers increase the scale and quality of their campaigns.

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