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ironSource’s Mobile App Offers Developers Real-Time Ad Monetization

New app provides developers with effortless access to track an app’s growth on their mobile devices, in real-time
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Leading mobile monetization and marketing company ironSource announced today the global launch of its comprehensive, mobile app for developers. The app allows developers using ironSource’s growth solutions to get an instant and granular view of revenue and campaign performance in the palm of their hands. In the first stage of its release, the revolutionary app provides real-time data updates on the full growth loop of a game – from ad monetization to user acquisition – allowing anyone in the company to stay on top of their apps’ performance 24/7.

Today, a game’s success rides on dynamic metrics that must be constantly tracked, analysed and adapted. However, developers who aren’t sitting at their desks are forced to access this data through a mobile browser, in a suboptimal and often frustrating experience. ironSource offers a mobile app which provides an instant and digestible view of business performance, both for monetization and user acquisition, empowering their partners to react quickly to changes in the data.

“Game growth doesn’t stop just because you’re not in the office. In the dynamic world of mobile gaming, staying on top of your numbers is critical, and our goal was to create a portable extension of the ironSource platform which would make it effortless for our partners to compare revenue and performance across their app portfolio and campaigns,” said Nimrod Zuta, VP Product Developer Solutions at ironSource. “Our product development continues to be driven by our clients’ needs, and this is only the first step in a much larger project of providing game developers with the in-depth viewability and management capabilities to run both the monetization and user acquisition sides of their business, whenever and wherever they need them.”

ironSource’s app provides high-level data to managers who need constant visibility into their games’ revenue and performance. For both monetization and user acquisition managers, the reports can be viewed as an overview, or broken down by individual game and campaign, respectively, with each report filtered by various time segments.

On the monetization side, each time segment can then be filtered by revenue, DAU, sessions and ARPDAU. At the individual game level, the reports can further be broken down according to the ad unit – rewarded video, interstitial, banner and offerwall. Each ad unit in each game, displays revenue, DAU, sessions and ARPDAU as well as app fill rate, app requests and impressions.

On the user acquisition side, each time segment can be filtered by spend, number of installs and IPM (installs per thousand impressions). The reports can be broken down further to view the number of impressions, clicks and completion rate per campaign.

The app also makes it easier to share information on performance and wins internally. Every results page in the app can be automatically and conveniently shared through any given device’s regular sharing method, allowing others in the company to stay on top of a game and campaign’s performance at all times.

About ironSource
Working with the world’s largest mobile game companies, ironSource is developing the industry’s leading growth engine for games. With a robust mobile ad mediation platform, mobile ad network, and a data-driven user acquisition platform, ironSource closes the monetization and marketing loop to empower game developers to turn their games into successful businesses. Founded in 2010, ironSource is a truly global company, with a strong local presence in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Shenzhen, Bangalore, Seoul and Tokyo. Read more at

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